Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dinosaurs Will Die - Wizard Stick

This board looks like so much fun. Imagine a freestyle snowboard akin to the boards the forefathers of our activity rode but updated with the technology we have available today and BLAMO!, you have the Dinosaurs Will Die Wizard Stick. It may look like one of those short tailed, powder surfers, but it's seriously an all-mountain shred stick to the highest caliber. It can and will excel in just about every condition. Also, it surfs pow! There's an extra set of inserts so you can hike your set up back on those much loved powder days and get your turns on. This is the board to get my friends. 

(Over the next week or two I'll be posting little write ups featuring DWD's boards for this season because, well, their boards are the best and I want to show them the love they deserve.)

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Last weekend my family and I went out to see the Guardians of the Galaxy on opening weekend. I've been looking forward to this since I first read that James Gunn was directing it. It was everything I wanted it to be. It pleased me, as a huge comicbook fan, and it pleased me as a Marvel cinematic fan as well. Also, it pleased me as a skateboarder. I love when certain things, outside of skateboarding and snowboarding, show up in other parts of life and remind me of them. For example, in this movie the Jackson 5's song "I Want You Back" is featured near the end of the movie. And for all of you in the know (and if you don't shame on you) Guy Mariano skated to this song in the legendary Blind Video Days video. Just hearing this song brings a flood of memories and emotions to me because of the impact that skate video had on me growing up. 

So, hearing the song's opening piano keys during this movie put such a smile on my face, I honestly can't even describe how it made me feel really. I just love when two things that I really love a lot mesh together, and crossover. This movie is one of the best Marvel/comicbook movies I've ever seen and I think everyone owes it to themselves to go see it. Even if you're not a huge comicbook fan it's still a really good, fun movie that almost everyone can enjoy. Go see it. Also, stay until the credits are done rolling for a little surprise appearance from someone (if you're a Marvel movie fan you shouldn't need to be told to stay until after the credits). 

Friday, August 1, 2014

So, a few weeks under my belt at the new job...and I'm digging it. It's hard work, I come home sore and tired. But I'm coming home at what I feel is a reasonable time compared to what time I used to be coming home at my old job. So yeah, this is good. I see my wife more, I see my kids more. Definitely an improvement from where I was 3 weeks ago. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

So, I've been applying to new jobs like crazy in an attempt to find something better for myself. Low and behold, something found me. Something I never thought I'd actually be doing, but I'm game for anything. Starting next week I'll be a sheet metal worker. It's a lot less of a commute (about 40 minutes closer), and after the first year it'll be better money than I'm currently making too. Also, I'll be working four 10 hour shifts rather than the five 8 hour shifts I'm currently working. But with the good comes the bad. It seems to be causing more stress in my home life (and I haven't even started the new job yet) so I'm really hoping in a week or two everything is ironed out and running smoothly. My wife's helping make this job possible for me so I have her to thank for a lot. 

Because of the pay cut I'll be taking for the first year at this new job it looks like any new snowboarding gear (and in turn, reviews) will be put on the back burner for sure. But it's only for a year so I'm fine with that. I'm excited to be starting something new, interesting, and better for me and my family. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

I don't even know...

I don't even know what I'm doing with this zine right now. No content has been presenting itself to me so I've been posting screen caps from digital comics that I find interesting. I haven't had a whole lot of time to devote to this zine in all honesty. About a month ago my 2 year old Lily suffered a seizure that completely scared the holy hell out of myself and my wife (and pretty much everyone else who knows us). She's doing fine now, but still...scary stuff. I have a preview of the new DinosaursWillDie boards for this coming season, just need to get the okay to post it from DWD. I'm assuming I'm not going to be doing any gear reviews this coming year unless some good fortune comes my way. So yeah. That's where Seasons is right now. Maybe some gear previews. I'll shoot for an interview or two if I can. And, comicbook screen caps. FUN!