Saturday, January 3, 2015

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's official official.

Again, so happy about this. All things are pointing towards me riding a Mervin board next season. I wish I could make it happen right now but I'll have to hold off for next year. My first board ever was a Gnu Pharaoh 155 in 1993/ 2015/2016 I'll again have a Gnu under my feet. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

So happy.

One of my favorite riders, Nicolas Muller, is riding Gnu. I've been a Gnu, Lib Tech, Mervin fan since I started snowboarding. My first board was a Gnu Pharaoh. So happy to see one of today's greats hooking up with one of the all time best companies around.  

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Busy Busy Busy...

It's been a while since my last post here, I've been kinda busy. My youngest daughter, Lily, had her EEG this weekend. We were really worried about how it was going to go but those worries were for nothing because she was a little trooper and all went well. 

The weather here in southwest Pa has been unseasonably cold, which means, snow. The local resorts have been making snow so they'll be opening Thanksgiving weekend if all goes well.  I have no clue if I'll make it up opening weekend but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Family and finances take precedent over snowboarding unfortunately. I'll make it out eventually I'm sure. Hopefully by next season we'll be in a better place financially. 

I have been reading a shit ton of comics lately, playing lots of video games (Super Smash Bros., Pokemon, Disney Infinity) with my kids and just by myself. Also, I started playing Hearthstone on my iPad. I kinda suck at it but the game is super addictive and I'm loving it. I can't wait for the iPhone version that's supposedly coming in 2015. 

I'm going to try to make my posts here a lot more frequent but we all know how that goes. Until then, may the force be with you. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A little Airblaster gear preview...

For the past few seasons I've shown a lot of Airblaster love and this season will be no different. I'm a devoted Airblaster pawn and I'm not afraid to spread the word. I'm just showing a thimble full of what awesomeness Airblaster is offering this season. Please be sure to check out their site ( ) to peep their entire line of goods. 

Freedom Toaster jacket & Freedom pant

Trench Jacket & Work Pant

Nicolette jacket & My Brother's pant

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dinosaurs Will Die - Genovese and Kwon


Pictured above is the DWD Genovese. Sean designed this board to do it all. Swiss Army Slasher if you will. Flat camber and it'll come to you with one of the eight different top sheet graphics designed by the man himself, Sean Genovese. Sean's been coming up with sick DWD #WanderingMurderOfFutureDeads since the company's inception but most recently they've taken on a life of their own. If you need to have one board that will please you no matter what you're riding, this is it. It's available in 151cm, 154cm, and 157cm. 


The Kwon is Jeff Keenan's brain child. It's DWD first deck to feature a hybrid camber and is an all-mountain freestyle board at its very core. Jeff looks at the entire mountain like its his personal park and he designed this board with that in mind. It's available in 153cm, 156cm, and 159cm. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Last Sunday I ran in the Mario Lemieux 6.6K run in Pittsburgh. Before this I've never ran in anything before. It was fun and I'm hoping to run in another event in the future. I ran alongside my niece and sister in law and we all had a great time. My wife, kids, my other sister in law and her daughter all did the walk while the rest of us did the run. 
It was kind of out of the blue, doing something like this. I'm going to do my best to go running at least 3 times a week from now on and get in better shape. 
(In the pic, I have the blue hat on)