Friday, February 20, 2009

O-matic Snowboards: Awesome 156 ("Dircetor's Cut" limited edition)


When I'm shopping around for a new board I'm basically looking for one board that can do it all. I'm not rich, I need one board that can handle everything the Ice Koast (patent pending) can dish out. Well, this board was designed to do it all...groomers, rails, park, pipe, bombing hills, whatever...this board rips it to shreds. This board's flex is described as "intelligent flex" which means it's soft where you need it to be and poppy where you need it to be...makes sense to me. It's an all-around fun board, and I have a blast on it every time I'm out riding. I have to mention the graphics, which are AWESOME. When I first got the board I was telling everyone I knew that they had to come check out my AWESOME new board...and when they did they pretty much had to agree with me, the board looks seriously AWESOME.

To quote Todd Richards who designed the O-matic Awesome, "It's my Swiss Army snowboard." MacGyver would be proud to ride this.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Union Binding Company: Contact bindings


Let me start off by saying that these bindings are probably THE lightest bindings I've ever picked up...redonkulously light.

Previous to riding these I've ridden Burton Cartel's for years and years, and I always figured I'd be riding them for years to come. After riding these masterpieces from the guys at Union though, I don't know...I think I may have a new favorite for years to come.

They're a really soft binding providing lots of response at the same time...a winning combo. Very little of the actual baseplate comes in contact with your board which let's your board have a more natural feeling flex. I really like the baseplate cover that protects the disc and screws from snow and grime (and screws from loosening). They have Magnesium buckles which are twice as light, and four times stronger than Aluminum. The people over at Union are saying that their Extruded Anodized Aluminum Heelcups are completely indestructible, which I'm going to go out on a limb and believe because, well...because they say so that's why.

Over all I find these bindings to be bombproof. If I could make any suggestions they would be; 1. I wish there was a better way to rotate the highback, more along the lines to what Burton bindings have going, and 2. I wish there was some place on the binding to attach a leash, because I couldn't find anyplace. Ok. That's it. Go out and buy these bindings because YOU WILL LOVE THEM!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ok, I've decided that I'm going to start posting some of the things I've written thus far for the zine on the blog. Why? Because if I don't, by the time people get to read it in the zine it's going to be very dated. Also, I know that a lot more people will have the opportunity to read the things I write if they're on the web rather than just in the paper version of the zine. Soo...if anyone is actually checking this blog from time to time I hope to have more content here for you to check out, and frequently. That's all for now, take care.