Friday, February 20, 2009

O-matic Snowboards: Awesome 156 ("Dircetor's Cut" limited edition)


When I'm shopping around for a new board I'm basically looking for one board that can do it all. I'm not rich, I need one board that can handle everything the Ice Koast (patent pending) can dish out. Well, this board was designed to do it all...groomers, rails, park, pipe, bombing hills, whatever...this board rips it to shreds. This board's flex is described as "intelligent flex" which means it's soft where you need it to be and poppy where you need it to be...makes sense to me. It's an all-around fun board, and I have a blast on it every time I'm out riding. I have to mention the graphics, which are AWESOME. When I first got the board I was telling everyone I knew that they had to come check out my AWESOME new board...and when they did they pretty much had to agree with me, the board looks seriously AWESOME.

To quote Todd Richards who designed the O-matic Awesome, "It's my Swiss Army snowboard." MacGyver would be proud to ride this.

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