Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alien Workshop - Mind Field


The first skateboard video I ever owned was Alien Workshop's Memory Screen, their fist video release back in 1991. That video holds a lot of sentimental value to me. I remember when I first watched it, I didn't really get it...keep in mind that back then I was 12 years old and all I wanted to see was people skateboarding, and what I saw was a lot of random stuff flashing on the screen in between incredible skateboarding. Anyways, over time I watched that video hundreds of times and I think that deep down inside that video helped me view things the way I see them today. Ever since that video I've been a fan of Alien Workshop's way of doing things...their team, videos, artwork/design, everything...they just work for me. So suffice to say, I was really looking forward to this video which was 4 years in the making.

The video clocks in at a whopping 60 minutes, and a glorious 60 minutes it is. After a little bagpipe themed intro we're treated with an all to familiar song...A Little Ethnic Song by none other than J Mascis (this song was the intro song to Alien's first video as well). There's only a short bit of that song though until it breaks into an all new original song and footage of J Mascis himself, along with Omar Salazar skating. From that point on I knew this video was going to be one for the history books. Every single team rider has a stellar part, they pulled out all the stops. Normally when I watch a video there's a part or two that I'm not too crazy about and don't mind skipping after a few viewings, but this is not the case with Mind Field. Seriously, this video rocks my socks off. Leading up to the video's release I was hearing a lot about am rider Jake Johnson and how his part was going to blow minds...I think it's safe to say it did. Stand out parts for me came from Jake Johnson, Omar Salazar, Dylan Rieder, A.V.E, Arto Saari, and Heath Kirchart. I feel bad not saying everyone else's parts weren't stand outs because in all honesty, they were. Let me just say that the rider's parts I listed will be the parts I watch before I grab my board and run out the door to skate.

This video is an instant classic and like I said, one for the history books. A big thank you to Greg Hunt, the entire team, and everyone who worked so hard to bring us this incredible video. If you haven't seen it yet do yourself a favor and go pick it up.

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