Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Two days ago Mark Gonzales turned 40 years old, belated birthday wishes go out to him.
Did you go to Thrasher's site to check out what all went down last weekend at the infamous Wallenberg? If not, shame on you and go there rigt now!
I forgot to mention this when it happened so I'm going to do it now before it slips my mind again. One of my toe straps on my Union Bindings wore away on the inside after about 5 days of riding last season. So I emailed the guys over at Union to attempt to get a replacement. Not 4 days after I emailed them I received a new toe strap in the mail, how's that for customer service? Big ups to the awesome people over at Union Bindings, they effing rule.
Lastly, I'm sad to report that East Coast ripper J.R. Neves passed away late last week. Positive thoughts and vibes go out to all friends and family.

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