Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Here we are once again with another new First and Last. This week you're in for a treat as we have none other than "Mr.B" from Bataleon Snowboards at the reins. Sit back and enjoy.


First and Last


first pet…a beetle named Beatle

first car you owned…a small space shuttle (does that count as a car)

first trick you learned…front flip

first shredder you looked up to...terry kidwell

first contest you won…I don't like contests they should ban them

first person to call when you win the lottery…Willy Wonka ask him how much he wants for his Chocolate Factory

first mountain you rode…Folgefonna in Norway

first set up (skateboard/snowboard)…Some blue plastic deck with those wide red wheels / Sims Terry Kidwell

first concert…Michael Jackson

first thing you do in the morning...karate yoga after a bowl of Wheaties

first big purchase…earthquake detector

first sponsor…Bataleon

first job…Geiger Counter

last thing you ate…pizza

last person you called…Charlie to ask him to ask Willy if he was doing more tours

last text you sent…it wasn't me I got nothing to do with that

last thing you do before going to bed…Turn on the purple lights

last time you said “last time"…Just before I broke my head

last concert…Black Lips

last mountain you rode…mt. No Good

last movie you watched…The Hangover, instant classic.

last close call…biking with no brakes, lucky I do karate yoga

last big purchase…pizza

last thing you ate…pizza

last thing that surprised you…People jocking reverse camber. Makes no sense.

last regret...regrets are for Decepticons

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This week's First and Last is coming from Dinosaurs Will Die rider Chris Larson. After you finish reading Chris' FaL head on over to the Dinosaurs Will Die site and catch up with their happenings. Oh, and be sure to check out the DWD team in Think Thank's new film!

First and Last

Chris Larson

first pet…salamander
first car you owned…chevy malibu
first trick you learned…front 180 indy
first shredder you looked up to…terje..still do
first contest you won…king of the quad, a run from top to bottom of a lift at alyeska
first person to call when you win the lottery…the finest chick i know
first mountain you rode…hilltop,ak
first set up (skateboard/snowboard)…like a 150 rage, haaaaa and a walmart board
first concert…andre nickatina
first thing you do in the morning... check the time
first big purchase…Powerbook G4
first sponsor…PG
first job…grocery bagger

last thing you ate…chicken burger
last person you called…Greedy Genious
last text you sent…I respect your thug
last thing you do before going to bed…Depends how i feel
last time you said “last time…earlier today
last concert…swollen members
last mountain you rode…da hood
last movie you watched…snatch
last close call…a bunch in a tourney earlier.
last big purchase…some shopping at american apparel
last thing you ate…pepsi
last thing that surprised you…i won about 700 online earlier
last regret...waking up too earlier today

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Welcome to the first installment of a new ongoing section here at Seasons called "First and Last." I'm really excited to get this thing started and first up is none other than Dan McNamara from Weekend snowboards and Bond outerwear. Be sure to check out both of these new companies for this upcoming season as their new gear looks extremely SICK! So, without further ado, here we go...



First and Last

Dan McNamara

first pet… A cat named Suzy. She lived until she was 13 and was jet black. Weird.

first car you owned… 1984 Ford Escort that I bought for $450. I finally had to get rid of it when the inner wheel well rusted off and the shock absorber was basically was riding on top of the tire.

first trick you learned… Backside 180 I think, although turning might have been considered a trick back then

first shredder you looked up to… Jamie Lynn for sure.

first contest you won… 6th grade spelling bee. The other girl spelled Oriole wrong. I think she is a doctor now.

first person to call when you win the lottery… My wife.

first mountain you rode… With a lift: Holiday Valley, NY, without a lift: the hill in my backyard

first set up (skateboard/snowboard)… Skate: Vision Aggressor, Snow: Burton Woody 145 (I still have it)

first concert… Public Enemy

first thing you do in the morning… Check my e-mail

first big purchase… The aforementioned 1984 Ford Escort

first sponsor… Urban Snowboard Shop in Buffalo NY

first job… When I was 12 I asked the local supermarket if I could earn some money cleaning the parking lot for the day. They said they would pay me $3 an hour. I stretched that out to a 7 hour job. I was ready to repaint the lines if it meant some extra cash.

last thing you ate… Animalitos-Mexican animal crackers

last person you called… some insurance guy

last text you sent… to Oren at Mammoth

last thing you do before going to bed… let the dog out one last time

last time you said “last time"… the waves were way better here last time

last concert… Kanye West I think

last mountain you rode… Mammoth Mountain

last movie you watched… Crips and Bloods: Made in America by Stacy Peralta

last close call… probably while driving

last big purchase… 2010 Prius 3G

last thing you ate… see above

last thing that surprised you… how fun High Cascade Snowboard Camp is in the summer

last regret… selling a 1995 Rodeo for $250 just a week before the whole Cash for Clunkers thing went through. I could have gotten $4500 credit for it. Shit.

Saturday, August 8, 2009



In the near future, Seasons Zine will be viewing and posting an in depth review of Absinthe's latest film entitled Neverland. In the meantime, you can check out what the people over at Absinthe have to say about their new release.

"Absinthe Films & crew have announced the release of their 2009 film project - Neverland. Shot around the world throughout 08/09 season with some of today's best snowboarders, the new teaser and shots from the season can be found at www.absinthe-films.com. In addition, the team from Absinthe will embark on a 23 date North American and 18 date European film tour to not only promote the new film, but also spread environmental awareness, sustainability and educate audiences on global warming issues important to all snowboarders, everywhere.

Neverland is a state of mind, a mountain pushed up from the ground by imagination. Anyone can go but most people have trouble with the simple directions: Follow your dreams. This winter ABsinthe dropped down the rabbit hole to explore this elusive place and brought back some mind bending tales and a pocketful of surprises. Travis Rice, Dan Brisse, Bode Merrill, Nicolas Muller, Sylvan Bourbousson, JP Solberg, Romain deMarchi, DCP, Mark Frank Montoya, Annie Boulanger, Marie-France Roy, Jules Reymond, Wille Yli-Luoma, Cale Zima, Phil Damianakes, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Kevin Pearce, Eero Ettala, Gigi Ruf and the rest of the Lost Boys continued down the road less traveled and explored some new possibilities during a winter that saw the progression of snowboarding take some giant strides. This place has everything.....come on, I show you."

2009 Sphere of Influence Tour Dates

Salt Lake City, UT - August 28 Tower Theater
Park City, UT - August 29 Egyptian Theater
Toronto, ON - September 2 Bloor Cinema
Montreal, QC - September 3 Le Nationale
Quebec City, QC - September 4 Imperial Theatre
Burlington, VT - September 5 Merrill’s Roxy Theater
Portland, OR - September 10 Hollywood Theater
Vancouver, BC - September 10 5th Avenue Theater
Whistler, BC - September 11 Millenium Theatre
Jackson Hole, MT - September 12 Center Theater
San Francisco, CA - September 16 Roxie Theater
Seattle, WA - September 17 Egyptian Theater
Davis, CA - September 17 Chem 194 @ UC Davis
Reno, NV - September 18 Nugget Celebrity Showroom
Truckee, CA - September 19 FiftyFifty Brewing Co.
Fort Collins, CO - September 24 Lincoln Center
Juneau, AK - September 24 Centennial Theater
Beaver Creek, CO - September 25 Vilar Center
Denver, CO - September 26 Starz Theater
Anchorage, AK - September 26 Wendy Williamson Auditorium
Bellingham, WA - October 1 WWU PAC Theater
Nelson, BC - October 1 Capitol Theatre
Rossland, BC - October 2 Miner’s Hall