Thursday, October 29, 2009


Bataleon Releases USA Special Edition Fun.Kink

Spread doves, not war! The Fun.Kink gets a face-lift. Designed to the exact specifications of our US team riders, the funnest of fun boards takes everything that’s great about the Fun.Kink but ads twin inserts set extra wide for extra steez, a twin core profile and a tie-dye graphic with 50 doves for love and peace.

Hear what US Team Rider JP Tomich has to say about the Fun.Kink USA Edition: “The Fun.Kink has been a go to board for me when I know the day is going to involve a really fun park or some rail or urban feature. It’s a board that can handle every type of condition out there on the hill and the Triple Base Tech can turn anyone's basic turning skills up a notch.”

This board being the ├╝ber-fun rail and park slayer is a message echoed by fellow team rider Mark Edlund. “The Fun.Kink is how it sounds, just a fun board to jib around on and a good flex to boardslide kinks. I like this board for urban jibbing and cruisin parks.”

Pick up a USA Special Edition Fun.Kink and try a piece of Triple Base awesomeness. Hit up or visit and find out where you can strap into a Bataleon this season. YEAH FOR IT!


Saturday, October 10, 2009


New First and Last today with the incredible Sean Genovese from Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards. After you're finished reading his First and Last be sure to check out Sean and everything DWD over at their recently launched new site, DinosaursWillDie.


first pet…fish. 2 guppies.

first car you owned…VW.

first trick you learned…scorpion.

first shredder you looked up to…craig kelly.

first contest you won…I’ll let you know.

first person to call when you win the lottery…travel agent.

first mountain you rode…Mt.Baker.

first set up (skateboard/snowboard)…first snowboard was called Monster, got it at sportmart. First skateboard was from kmart I think… it said “hands off” on it with all these pink hand print on it.

first concert…some local punk show. A band called CAN.

first thing you do in the morning... check my email.

first big purchase…diskman.

first sponsor…a board company called spiral.

first job…paper route.

last thing you ate…eggs benny.

last person you called…Surrey Stu.

last text you sent…got no cell phone.

last thing you do before going to bed…check my email.

last time you said “last time…this morning, mid hangover.

last concert…AC/DC.

last mountain you rode…Hood.

last movie you watched…Gomorrah.

last close call…last night.

last big purchase…camera light.

last thing that surprised you…cops that rolled up behind me while I was peeing.

last regret...peeing on the sidewalk.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Bataleon Mini Series! Part 2!!!

After a TBT history lesson we now bring you the tech breakdown. Check out part 2 how Triple Base Technology works and how it makes perfect sense.

Have a look, but even after you have seen this, don't believe it! Go out and try it yourself, call 888 ALL 4 TBT to find a test board near you or mail to find out more. Yeah for it!

Released as a three-part series, the History, Tech and Advantages of Triple Base Technology will open your eyes to the most forward-thinking board design this decade and show the original weird board shape that actually works in all types of riding conditions!