Saturday, December 18, 2010

First and Last: Heikki Sorsa


first pet...Never had one...too busy traveling.

first car...Datsun pick-up i got from my dad.

first trick you learned...How to fall on my butt.

first snowboarder you looked up to...Terje.

first contest you won...Some finnish halfpipe competition.

first person to call when you win the lottery...My girlfriend.

first mountain...Talma glacier :)

first snowboard / skateboard...Burton AIR / can´t remember, maybe a birdhouse.

first concert...Rancid in Helsinki.

first thing you do in the morning...Open my eyes.

first big purchase...My first apartment.

first sponsor...Burton.

first job...Never had a real job, i mean snowboarding of course.


last thing you ate...Cupcake.

last person you called...My friend Kummi in NYC.

last text you sent...Same person.

last thing you do before going to bed...Say good night.

last time you said "last time"...hmmm....I don´t really say that.

last concert...Kelis in Helsinki.

last mountain...Brighton, Utah.

last movie you watched...Despicable Me.

last close call...almost hit a rock after a powder ollie at Brighton.

last trick you filmed...Bs 180 onefoot over the picnic table.

last big purchase...My new car.

last thing that surprised you...How cold it is in NYC.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Never Summer 'Made In America'

I hail from a small town south of Pittsburgh, PA called Belle Vernon. Growing up, there was only a small handful of skateboarders and snowboarders so we were all a pretty closely knit group of friends. When someone would get "hooked up" in any way from any company, the stoke was shown throughout the group. Over the years our close band of brothers eventually disbanded and, for the most part, grew up...and most of us lost touch. So when I first read that an old friend, Jason Hindman, was riding for Never Summer snowboards and would have footage in their new video Made In America, I wore a grin from ear to ear. Jason's dad, Ross, owned and operated the first "real" snowboard shop in the Pittsburgh area, Revolutions, and I had the pleasure of working there for a number of years. During those years I got to spend time with his son Jason and experience what an awesome person and gifted
snowboarder he is. So yeah, way to go Jason, go get some! But, in regards to the video itself, job well done. When I first started snowboarding there weren't many "team" videos like you see in the skateboarding world, but rather an amalgamation of riders from different companies under one video production company (ie: Absinthe, Standard, etc.) Over the past years though I'm noticing a lot more team videos and I'm all for it. I still enjoy the mixed crew videos but I'm all for a little change up to make things more interesting. Made In America features the entire Never Summer team from what I can tell, and they all really rip. There's quite a diverse selection of riding ranging from parks, urban rails, and trees all the way to gnarly backcountry lines. I have to admit, I'm a little biased and I have to give my "favorite section" up to Jason Hindman, haha. But all in all, the entire cast
shreds and truly represents what Never Summer is all about. The best part about this video? It's free and you can download it right here .

Friday, December 3, 2010

First and Last: ED TEMPLETON!!!


first pet...Ptah Templeton, Burmese Cat, 1990-2008.

first car...Toyota 4-Runner, still have it.

first trick you learned...Ollie and ollie variations, 180, to axle, etc...

first skateboarder you looked up to...Eric Estrada, the local ripper.

first contest you won...Some am contest around '86 or '87.

first person to call when you win the lottery...Real Estate agent.

first skate park you ever skated...Tijuana skate park in Mexico.

first skateboard...Nash "Skate or Die" from Big 5 sports.

first time you saw Ed naked...Classic Mike Burnett Question.

first concert...Red Hot Chili Peppers, 1986.

first thing you do in the morning...Walk to the computer and check emails.

first big purchase...My first house in 1995.

first sponsor...Circle-A skateboards.

first job...Pro Skateboarder, New Deal.


last thing you ate...A veggie dog with sauerkraut and mustard.

last person you called...Geoff Rowley, returning a call.

last text you sent...To Billy Marks about going up to SF.

last thing you do before going to bed...Read.

last time you said "last time"...I say it all the time while reminiscing.

last concert...No Age, Sonic Youth and Pavement in LA.

last skate park...Peoria Park in Phoenix, AZ.

last time you saw Ed naked...This morning in the mirror, worried.

last movie you watched...Joe Kidd, a Clint Eastwood western on cable.

last close call...While driving on the Toy Machine Brainwash tour a few weeks ago.

last trick you filmed...Two weeks ago, impossible tail grab in some ditch in Albuquerque.

last big purchase...Getting all my film processed from my last trip to Europe.

last thing that surprised you...Lakers losing 3 in a row tonight.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

If you're looking for a good read, head on over to chromeballincident for an interview with Chris "Dune" Pastras. Extremely good stuff.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I got my hands on a copy of Never Summer's new snowboard flick Made in America. I'll be viewing it and writing a little piece on it in the coming days. Also, coming sooner rather than later, will be First and Last's with none other than shred legend Heikki Sorsa. As well as, as many of the Toy Machine crew as I can get my grubby little hands on. Stay tuned...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

gone goldfishin'

The past few nights I've been watching the old Girl and Chocolate videos (Goldfish, Las Nueve Vidas de Paco, Mouse and The Chocolate Tour). It's been quite a while since I've watched them and silly me, I must've forgotten how incredible they are. I remember being in the ninth grade and reading in Thrasher that Mike Carroll and Rick Howard (and pretty much every other pro I idolized at the time) were leaving the Rocco camp to start a new company. I was so bummed out, I wanted Plan B to stay the same forever...(Questionable and Virtual Reality were and still are my favorite videos of all time [Blind Video Days comes in third]...both had the biggest impact on me during that period of my life.) I distinctively remember mentally freaking out because for some reason, I never got around to skating an actual Mike Carroll Plan B deck. I had every other Plan B pro's deck besides a Carroll. I
didn't want a Girl Mike Carroll, I wanted a Plan B one, and it was too late. I remember my friend Josh ordered a Girl Mike Carroll (it had a black/grey/white graphic of a film strip with a man smoking a cigar on it) and I didn't talk to him for a few days because he was supporting Girl and not Plan B. My boycott didn't last very long though. I think I realized how incredible it was that a group of friends came together to start something of their own, and to run things the way they felt was "the right way.", how could I hate on a crew like Girl/Chocolate?! I ended up ordering a Girl Jovantae Turner deck shortly down the road and from that point on I was a full blown fan of Girl. I wore my original copy of Goldfish out. That era in skateboarding was incredible. The skating, the board graphics, the shoes, the clothes, the music,'s all untouchable. Some people say
history repeats itself...and in some cases I agree, it does. But with skateboarding it's not going can't. Certain things only happen once and I feel lucky to have been around during this era to experience it. I think that's the main reason I attempt to collect old skateboards. They give me something physical to hold on to, something I can actually go along with the memories I have from that time in my life.

Friday, November 5, 2010

First and Last: Brendan Keenan


first pet… Chinchilla

first car… 89 Toyota Tacoma

first trick you learned… Board slide

first shredder you looked up to… My bro, Jeff keenan

first contest you won… Canadian Half pipe Nationals, forget the year

first person to call when you win the lottery… No one, keeping that shit to myself.

first skate park / mountain you rode… Lake Louis, AB

first set up (snowboard / skateboard)…. Rossignol with Burton low back bindings

first concert… Iron Maiden

first thing you do in the morning… pick up my phone and look at the time

first big purchase… 08 skidoo 800xp snowmobile

first sponsor… 686

first job… dish pig for Spaghetti Factory


last thing you ate… Blueberry muffin

last person you called… Evan Chandler-Soanes

last text you sent… My GF

last thing you do before going to bed… Brush my teeth

last time you said "last time"… After my three day Halloween celebration

last concert… Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle

last mountain / skate park you rode… Mt. Seymour

last movie you watched… Sleepy Hallow

last close call… Getting sucked out to sea surfing in Westport Washington

last big purchase… 05 Toyota Tacoma TRD

last thing that surprised you… Winning a free play for the Lottery

last regret… Drinking three days in a row for Halloween


Friday, October 29, 2010

First and Last: Eddie Wall

First and Last

first pet… cat named Pepper.

first car… 1978 Toyota Corolla bought for $700.

first trick you learned… kickflipa.
first shredder you looked up to… peter line.

first contest you won… Vans Tripple Crown, Mammoth 2000/01.

first person to call when you win the lottery… My Fiance; Saori.

first skate park / mountain you rode… always just went street skating, Montage Mountain.

first set up (snowboard / skateboard)…. REAL Tommy Guerrero.  Burton Air 156 (used).

first concert… Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Reno NV.

first thing you do in the morning… hit snooze and sleep a few more hours. then pee.

first big purchase… The Toyota Corolla for $700.

first sponsor… K2.

first job… Plumbing with my pops started summers when I turned 12.

last thing you ate… Two eggs, toast, home fries, and a bagel.

last person you called… Tony Tave.

last text you sent… my fiance Saori.

last thing you do before going to bed… stretch, brush teeth.

last time you said "last time"… last night.

last concert… private recording of Manu Chao.

last mountain / skate park you rode… Mammoth,  Stoner Plaza in LA. its insane!

last movie you watched… Secretariat.

last close call… last night, drinking and climbing a tree.

last big purchase… Engagement ring.

last thing that surprised you… Our good friend Amy was on the cover of Vogue a few years ago and I never knew until today..

last regret… drinking to much wine last night.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some skate news...

Mark Sucui is now fully on Habitat skateboards and shoes and has a killer full part in their new video Origin.

Aldrin Garcia, who people are saying in time will break Danny Wainwright's long standing high ollie record of 44.5", is now mounting his skateboards with Theeve trucks.

Pittsburgh's own Austin Kanfoush is now wearing Axion shoes.

Sunken City Skateshop in San Pedro, CA is hosting a party this coming Saturday (October 23) for Cooper Wilt in honor of Duffs releasing his first pro shoe.

And finally, Nick Trapasso is now officially on the Neff team.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Teton Gravity Research - Deeper

I had the pleasure of watching Deeper, the new Jeremy Jones snowboard film released by Teton Gravity Research earlier today. This film is epic. The riding is epic. The situations are epic. While I was watching it I kept saying, out loud, "holy sh!t!," over and over again. The terrain Jeremy Jones and his crew were accessing is jaw dropping. There's really no way I can put into words the epicness of their riding. I'm pretty much speechless. The way it was filmed makes the viewer feel as if they're right there with them at times thanks in part to the use of helmet cams. I'd like to know how the hell someone built that hut in the Chamonix segment...seriously, how does one make something like that happen?? My hat goes off to Mr. Jones, all of the other riders featured in the film, the filmers, as well as TGR and all of the film's sponsors for making it all come to fruition. If you're a
snowboarder (or even if you're not) you simply must watch this film, it'll make you want to take your riding to the next level and put a big cheesy grin on your face.

Friday, October 15, 2010

big thanks to TGR!

I just got Jeremy Jones' Deeper from Teton Gravity Research in the mail, totally unexpected. I'll be sitting down sometime over the weekend to take it all in and come Monday, I'll be writing a full review that'll be posted right here on the blog. Thanks TGR!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

happy me.

October 12th, my day of birF, has come and gone. My wife and daughter got me this awesome Cease & Desist Jason Lee deck that's getting hung on the wall. All in all it was an awesome, fun day. I love my family and all of my friends...I just felt like saying that out loud, on the web. Thank you and good night.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Skate news.

It's been a few months of rumors, but Element has officially announced that Mark Appleyard is part of their squad now. Boo Johnson is also repping the tree as well.

Clint Walker is now wearing Ambiguous clothes while he rides his skateboard.

Shellfish, umm, I mean Selfish skateboards has added Aquil Brathwaite to their list of professional riders.

Danny Supa is now backing BLVD. skateboards.

Antihero's Tony "T-Mo" Miorana has been given the nod and has gone and went pro.

And finally, Adio has parted ways with long time rider Ernie Torres.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bataleon snowboards SUPERPARK!!!

Head on over to this link right here to check out the Bataleon snowboards team at this year's Superpark. Super sick shredding by Mr. B, DBK (nollie double flip!?!?), JP Tomich, Jeff Kramer, Taylor Carlton, Kyle Lopiccolo, Mitch Richmond, Brandon Keenan, and L'Arrogs himself. FIlming by Robert Bradford, Tyler Chorlton, and L'Arrogs. Edited by Lester Productions. YEAH FOR IT!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Review: Absinthe Films - Now/Here

I've been looking forward to the new Absinthe film "Now/Here since before I even watched the trailer. I didn't even need to watch the trailer...I didn't even need to hear people's reactions after it had it's debut screening. Every season, year after year, Absinthe's films never disappoint. Now/Here is top-effing-notch snowboarding through and through. I have a soft spot for the type of snowboard film that showcases every aspect of snowboarding; epic AK runs, pillows lines, urban rails/streets, parks, goofing off/hi jinx...Absinthe brings it all to the table and then some. I can't say which part was my favorite because they all are pretty much. There will be no skipping parts with this dvd, I'll be watching it from beginning to end every time. And as always, the musical selections are top notch as well (note: it was very nice to hear Primus in there, makes me think of TB2). If you're a
snowboarder then you owe it to yourself to go out and purchase Now/Here and treat yourself to one of the finest snowboard films of the season.


I picked up this sick Anon beanie over the weekend for $5!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm looking for some content...

I just got a copy of Absinthe's new film Now/Here, look for a full review I'll be posting on Monday. Other than that, I'm looking for some shite to use and abuse and give you, the reader, the nitty gritty on what you should be asking your local shop to carry if they're not already. If you're a company and ready and willing to have your sick new product(s) reviewed then please, by all means, get in touch with me at


Saturday, September 25, 2010

O'Quinn and Emerson together again!

I got the new issue of Entertainment weekly today, flipped through a few pages and was graced with this incredible article. J.J. Abrams is working on a new show that'll be starring Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson. The dynamic duo from Lost will be back together again, woo hoo!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Comune and PacSun have signed an agreement for an exclusive collection and pop-up brand called Sandanista. The new "affordable" line will be available exclusively at the mall retailer and will be designed around a pop-up, brand in store concept, by Comune.

Never Summer has been granted the patent on its Rocker & Camber design which features rocker in the middle of the board and camber in the tips.

Thrasher Magazine has announced the '10 King of the Road teams, this time around they're footwear teams and are as follows:

Converse – Kenny Anderson, Angel Ramierez, Sammy Baca, Eli Reed, and Julian Davidson

C1RCA – Sierra Fellers, Peter Ramondetta, Robbie Brockel, David Gravette, and Scott Decenzo

etnies – Sean Malto, Mikey Taylor, Jose Rojo, WIllow, and Ryan Sheckler

Nike SB – Eric Koston, Grant Taylor, Cory Kennedy, Ishod Wair, and Justin Brock

I'm looking forward to the KOTR issue of Thrasher once the whole fiasco is finished to read/see what carnage went down. My money's on C1RCA or Nike SB...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

7 Springs in the new Snowboarder!

It's not often that PA shows up in the world of snowboarding so when it does it garners my attention. Some of the Forum snowboards crew were at 7 Springs this past April to shred the park and Snowboarder was there to cover it. Be sure to pick it up on the newsstand this month, as it's a really good story with amazing photos as usual per Snowboarder.

News news news...

Antics International, the owners of Theeve Trucks and Armourdillo, has acquired the global licensing agreement for Stereo Skateboards and Hi-Fi Wheels. The deal will allow Stereo founders Jason Lee and Chris Pastreas to focus on the creative and marketing side of the brand while Antics will handle day-to-day sales, distribution, production, and international operations....In other news, Sessions and Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) have teamed up for a month long auction to raise money for B4BC. The auction for an original canvas by artist Amanda Mendiant will go live on eBay Sept 16 and continue through October 15.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gravis "Dylan Rieder" and Emerica "Stay Gold"

If you haven't had the chance to watch it yet, head on over to the Gravis site and check out the short film titled "dylan rieder." If features the skating of, you guessed it, Dylan Rieder which is phenomenal...super sick, smooth style for miles, a good it a few times then go outside and get your skate one. I got a copy of it on dvd with the latest issue of The Skateboard Mag and it also contains some bonus skating from Arto Saari, Steve Forstner, and Javier Mendizabal. All in all it's an awesome little skate video with a full part from Dylan.

Next up is the brand spanking new Emerica video, Stay Gold (which was 5 years in the making). The entire video, from start to finish is top notch. Heath Kirchart has a career retrospective part which bleeds into his new footage, and is in fact his farewell video segment as he's now retired from the pro ranks of skateboarding (also, his part is an "easter egg," go to the chapter select screen, highlight "back to main" and hit the right arrow button, then enter). Like I said, the entire video is incredible and every skater gave it their all, but my favorites are Hsu, Leo, Reynolds, Herman, Westgate, Kirchart, and Barrier Kult (again, their part is an easter egg, go to the bonus section, highlight andrew's madness section, hit the left arrow, then enter). Head on over to your local shop and pick this up for under $20, and put a smile on your face.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Review: Ashbury Lizard King Day Tripper

If you're looking for some new shades look no further than Ashbury. They're made from high quality materials, and offer enough styles to fit everyone's personality. I chose to pick up the Day Trippers in Lizard King's colorway. I'm a fan of the color green and as you can see, these are in fact green. They fit my big head perfectly, super comfy. If you're looking for some stylish eyewear please consider'll be supporting a company run by actual snowboarders and skateboarders.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ogio's lifetime warranty

I originally bought a P-Rod Ogio backpack in the summer of 2005. It was a nice backpack but over the years, one of the inside pocket's bottom frayed and I started to lose things. So I contacts Ogio, and within a few days I had my old P-Rod pack in the mail to them. In about 3-4 days I received a brand new Lucas backpack from them. Ogio's warranty lives up to the hype and I'm a firm believer in their products. Go check out what they have to offer, I'm positive you'll find something you like.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bataleon Snowboards 10/11 preview

Bataleon, what to say...I rode my first Bataleon last season and I was blown away with it (I was on a Goliath). All Bataleon boards feature their patented TBT (Triple Base Technology). What does TBT mean you might ask? It's the best thing to happen to snowboards since's the bending of your board's base from rail to rail (think concave on a skateboard). The next question you're asking yourself is, "how does this benefit me?" TBT lets you initiate turns better, smooth out of sketchy landings better, butter better, float through the fluffy stuff better...the benefits are many. If you want to read more and learn about TBT more in depth head on over to Bataleon's site.

The 10/11 Bataleon board line is broken up into four categories...True Twin, All Mountain Freestyle, All Mountain Freeride, and Special, they've got you covered no matter what type of riding you do. Bataleon's on the ball and have their site completely revamped for the 10/11 season so please head on over there to for the specs and details on each of their models.

True Twin

All Mountain Freestyle

All Mountain Freeride

Special Editions

This just in!!!

Randy Macho Man Savage claims "2011 will be the Macho Man's year!"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's been a almost two weeks since I posted something so I wanted to give a little update. Last Monday I started a new job, working nights...I'm still adjusting to the new schedule so that's the reason for my lack of posts here. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Seasons and I'm working on some new material to post very shortly. Check back for the Bataleon 10/11 preview coming up just around the corner. Thanks for sticking with me, and take care.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bond Outerwear 10/11 preview

Here's a look at what Bond Outerwear have to offer for their second season out on the hill.
Bond utilizes a top down sustainability model in it's operations, and they're a carbon neutral company. All of their outer shells and inner liners utilize a blend of recycled PET (it's made from plastic bottles and containers), and virgin polyester this is completely recyclable. Their snaps, zipper pulls, and buttons are made from discarded plastic pellets from heavy industry. From top to bottom, everything Bond does with their products are as sustainable as possible. Be sure to check them out this season and visit their site to find a dealer near you.

Diego jacket (mens)

Shoemaker jacket (mens)

Harmony jacket (womens)

Cooper pant (mens)

Monday, July 19, 2010


Last Christmas my wife got me two different sized Mizu water bottles, I've used one of the two everyday. I noticed a month or two ago that one of the screw on caps was retaining water inside of it and I couldn't get it out. This drove me crazy so I sent an email to the people at Mizu, time passed and I forgot that I even sent the email. Flash forward a month or so, and I receive an email from them apologizing for the delayed response (my email was stored in their junk folder, spam) and notifying me that some new caps were on their way to me. They showed up a few days later along with some stickers and a note from Jussi (Oksanen, pro rider and owner of Mizu). I was extremely impressed with the service and response that I got from Mizu and thought it merited some recognition. If you haven't yet switched over from buying countless plastic bottles and just tossing them in the trash
afterwards, please check out Mizu ( ) and support a company that's run by snowboarders/skaters and out to help make the world a better place.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend snowboards 10/11 preview

This is Weekend's second year in the snowboard industry and they've added another board to their line up for the upcoming season. They're first offering is Mark Carter's board of choice the Ten Sleep. The Ten Sleep is a directional twin, geared towards aggressive all mountain terrain ripping, and it can even handle the occasional pow run too. It's available to you in a 156, 158, and 160. With snowboard graphic legend and renowned painter Mike Parillo's graphics to boot, this board is golden.


Next (and lastly) is Heikki Sorsa's pro series of decks, available in 153, 155, and 157. Apparently Heikki fell in love with last year's Weekend's Lodge series of boards and this year adapted it as his very own pro model series. The graphics change but the board stays the same. The graphics are board game themed and were done by some artistic powerhouses...153 = Steve Nazar, 155 = Sean Barnhart, and the 157 = Dustin Ortiz.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First and Last: Leanne Pelosi


first pet… rabbit. Sammy.

first car you owned… Hyundai excel

first trick you learned…frontside 360

first shredder you looked up to…Jamie Lynn


first contest you won…Heavy Metal Rail Jam at Lake Louise

first person to call when you win the lottery…my boyfriend

first skate park / mountain you rode…Canada Olympic Park (Calgary, Alberta)

first set up (snowboard / skateboard)…something without metal edges. We weren't allowed on real resorts because of that.


first concert…Tiffany

first thing you do in the morning…Go pee!

first big purchase…a 2000 Ski Doo 600. AKA the Yellow Turtle.

first sponsor…K2

first job…Soccer coach



last thing you ate…bagel, peanut butter and banana

last person you called...Alaska Airlines

last text you sent…Colleen Quigley at 10:56pm
'You slut bag. I heard K2 will sponsor u if you come out for Canada day. Don't be a ginger'

last thing you do before going to bed…put my alarm on.


last time you said “last time"… after I ate a whole bag of M&M's.

last concert…Sasquatch festival

last mountain / skate park you rode… Mt. Hood

last movie you watched…Get it to the Greek


last close call…almost slamming into Spencer doing turns down Mt. Hood groomers. So scary.

last big purchase…a flight for my bf to come visit for 4th of July at Mt. Hood

last thing that surprised you… when Tedore jumped on my bed and tried to drag me out of a good sleep in the middle of the night.

last regret…not staying in Alaska longer.


photos: Christy Chaloux, Mike Yoshida, Jeff Pearlman

Monday, June 28, 2010

First and Last: Lonnie Kauk

Lonnie Kauk--- COW-K not Lonnie Cock, people say it so much i just laugh..

first pet…German shepherd doggie

first car you owned…85 Toyoda corolla

first trick you learned…Back side 5

first shredder you looked up to…Peter Line

first contest you won…only got 2nd, 3rd ,13th

first person to call when you win the lottery…i wouldn't call anyone

first skate park / mountain you rode…some park in santa cruz

first set up (snowboard / skateboard)…my first snowboard Burton performer 144 my older brothers friend gave me. it was so hard to learn how to shred on..

first concert…TOOL it was crazy madness !!!

first thing you do in the morning…make coffee or tea

first big purchase…06 dodge ram

first sponsor…DC shoes

first job…janitor for mammoth mountain


last thing you ate…Pizza and a salad

last person you called…super hot girl

last text you sent…DAMN GIRL

last thing you do before going to bed…drink water

last time you said "last time"…the other day

last concert…hieroglyphs

last mountain / skate park you rode…mammoth mt, volcom brothers sk8 park

last movie you watched…dazed and confused

last close call…trying double cork 12

last big purchase…tires for my 20's

last thing that surprised you…crashing so bad and not hurt at all

last regret…don't regret anything...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

First and Last: Nima Jalali



first pet… a bird

first car you owned… chevy s10

first trick you learned… indy grab

first shredder you looked up to… Mike Carrol, Peter Line

first contest you won… Mt. Waterman big air

first person to call when you win the lottery… the airline company so i can book my flight

first skate park you rode… the OG huntington beach park

first set up (snowboard / skateboard)… Burton air board with burton bindings, Mike Carrol Plan B skateboard

first concert… random little punk bands when i was in Jr. high school

first thing you do in the morning… take a piss

first big purchase… my car (audi a4)

first sponsor… Ocean View board shop

first job… My pops' Pizza restaurant

last thing you ate… sushi

last person you called… Kevin Long

last text you sent… Ragdoll, but it's top secret shit

last thing you do before going to bed… take off my shoes

last time you said “last time"… 2 days ago about drinking hard alcohol

last concert… Radiohead at hollywood bowl

last mountain / skate park you rode… Bear Mountain, and Garvanza Skate park

last movie you watched… Basquiat

last close call… can't think of that one

last big purchase… My TV, bout to buy a new computer though

last thing that surprised you…

last regret… no regrets

Monday, June 21, 2010

First and Last: Donovan Rice



first pet…a hamster named spunky
first car you owned…never driven
first trick you learned…nollie shove-it(no pop)
first shredder you looked up to…
first contest you won…midwest bowl contest in milwaukee,wi
first person to call when you win the lottery…i would call my girlfriend to bring me some clean boxers.
first skate park you rode…? 4 seasons milwaukee?cant remember
first set up (skateboard)…pink nash old school shape
first concert…?cannibal corpse
first thing you do in the morning…wake and bake
first big purchase…video camera
first sponsor…calsk8 skateshop in portland.still ride for em first job…popeyes chicken goon for a week

last thing you ate…biscuts and gravy!
last person you called…kevin kowalski
last text you sent…lol omg lmnop jk
last thing you do before going to bed…bong rip?
last time you said “last time…this will be the last time
last concert…basement metal...heathen shrine!!!!
last skate park you rode…burnside
last movie you watched…nightmare on elm street
last close call…a car ran me over
last big purchase…im broke
last thing you ate…this question again? still biscuts and gravy
last thing that surprised you…this question
last regret…not going to the hospital(or dentist) when i probably should

Monday, June 14, 2010

First and Last: Greg Harbour


First and Last

first pet…Black puppy!

first car you owned… Mini van! still own it

first trick you learned… half cab

first shredder you looked up to… Andy Weiss, the whole consolidated team, and a Svitard

first contest you won… One in Ft. Collins Colorado, we all got burrito after

first person to call when you win the lottery… JEN!!!

first skate park you rode… Ft. Collins old northside park, i ate shit trying to front board the I beam there

first set up (skateboard)… Flip board, Indy trucks, spit wheels, and Yak bearings

first concert… AFI pre getting popular

first thing you do in the morning… Make COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first big purchase… i dont think ive had one

first sponsor… The Market skateshop

first job… Bus boy

last thing you ate… peanut butter spoon

last person you called… Dan to go filmin

last text you sent… Lady Babe

last thing you do before going to bed… walk the puppies

last time you said “last time… yesterday at the skatepark

last concert… Career suicide, fromaldehyde Junkies, Mad Men, Cardiac Arrest and The Abused, Jen and i drove to St. Louis to see em and it was one of the best shows ever

last skate park you rode… Denver Park

last movie you watched… Birdemic!

last close call… walking the puppies last week at night, i had to take preventative actions to avoid a hostile situation

last big purchase… still none, maybe a plane ticket?

last thing you ate… PB spoon #2

last thing that surprised you… Graduating College

last regret… None

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First and Last: Brenton Woo

First and Last

first pet…probably a fish. My parents are fish kinda pet owners. We had a bunch of fish. Definitely before we had any cats.

first car you owned…'94 Ford Explorer. sold it with 200k on the odometer a couple years ago. The thing was a trooper.

first trick you learned…never trust a girl with an adam's apple. on a snowboard? backside 180's.

first shredder you looked up to…it was skate. jamie thomas. i don't believe in holding heroes, but the people i look up to the most range from tech to snow/skate/surf to sports and entrepreneurs.

first contest you won…i don't believe in contests. that's called skiing. snowboarding is based on style which is subjective. besides, shredding isn't contest driven. except for shaun white, no one really cares. who won the x-games in '08? i dunno. i'm guessing most people don't. it's because they don't care. part of the problem is that contests are not very watchable. there aren't any rivalries or controversy surrounding the event or participants or brands.

first person to call when you win the lottery…my business partners to tell them we're going to the next level!

first skate park you rode…OB in San Diego. i remember how packed it was the first summer it opened. all sorts of people were there, but being OB, there was definitely a community vibe going on. i remember this 10 year old kid kept trying to board slide the concrete ledge going down the stairs and kept failing. just some local kid. lots of local pros were shredding that summer, too. andy mac pulled a 540 over the spine between the 2 back pools. people noticed, but hey, it's andy mac. one day that kid finally pulled off that boardslide and the entire park started cheering. stuff like that is tough to forget. but i'm not much of a skater. not many people truly pull off the trifecta. i generally stick to snow and surf.

first set up (snowboard / skateboard)…k2 zeppelin with switch bindings. skate was a santa cruz keith meek slasher.

first concert…Big Day out at RNA show grounds in Brisbane, Australia.

first thing you do in the morning…i'm an information junkie. i generally lay in bed for an hour reading news on my phone.

first big purchase…Automaton's production run for 07/08 was a hefty sum, for sure. In terms of personal stuff, I don't really spend much money on myself.

first sponsor…I don't need to be sponsored. I didn't before, and I won't in the future. Some could argue that I'm self sponsored, though.

first job…chef. i was in the culinary arts for over a decade before switching to Automaton full time. Being in the restaurant biz is a lot of fun, but not the most healthy lifestyle. generally i worked until 11pm, went out and drank at bars for free because we fed and know a lot of the bartenders. do whatever until whatever, wake up whenever. and still have time to surf or shred before work. no matter what you do, it's nearly impossible to be late or miss work in the restaurant business if you're half way diligent. There's little consequence for your actions. Like i said, fun lifestyle, but not the most healthy.

last thing you ate…al pastor burrito. i think san diego has the best mexican food available. even better than some of the mex i've had IN mexico.

last person you called…a buddy to make surf plans for tomorrow

last text you sent…same deal. gotta keep tabs on what the waves are doing.

last thing you do before going to bed…lay in bed and read news on my phone. i enjoy information overloading.

last time you said "last time"…can't remember

last concert…i don't really dig concerts, so i don't usually go. i can't even remember. maybe the rolling stones in '99? gatecrashers in '00? actually it was social distortion in Vegas about '05. great show, it was a lot of fun for sure.

last  mountain / skate park you rode…squaw last wednesday. powder day. a foot of nice dry pow. i hadn't been to squaw in 3 seasons but came across a voucher so i went and had my last day of the 09/10 season there. spent 4 hours getting fresh lines through the trees under red dog, mostly because there weren't many people at the resort. usually squaw gets tracked out super fast. great last day.

last movie you watched…avatar. no, it was push. story is kinda blah, so is the editing, but the camera work is pretty cool.

last close call…i called someone in the next room in my house. that was pretty close call.

last big purchase…when it was time for the Ford to go, i bought an Audi wagon. awd mashes in the snow, 30mpg's is great and compared to the old truck, it feels like a sports car. a lot of fun.

last thing that surprised you…wow. not much genuinely surprises me. i'm not trying to say that i'm jaded, but i have a highly analytical thought process. so not many things catch me off guard. sure i can get startled and stuff. oh, ok, how about when someone told me that Tiger Woods claims 120 women. That surprised me. i thought 10 was a lot. apparently that guy had a lot of free time.

last regret…that i didn't start appreciating surfing at an earlier age. i definitely wish i started seriously surfing younger than when i really did. all that time could've been better spent in the waves...

Monday, June 7, 2010

First and Last: Chad Knight

First and Last



first pet… Hiedi, little grey, miniature schnauzer. She had a rad beard

first car you owned… Silver 1987 Toyota Corolla

first trick you learned… 360 spin

first shredder you looked up to… Bill Minnadeo

first contest you won… Some miniramp contest at Sunsports Skatepark in Columbus Ohio. Somewhere in the early 90's

first person to call when you win the lottery… Svitak, to tell him I quit his lame board company.

first skate park you rode… Berea Roll-N-Bowl near Cleveland. That place ruled.

first set up (skateboard)… Black Caballero (the dragon on a gold disc), Indy trucks with OJ II's.

first concert… Stray Cats at the Ohio State Fair! Shit was bad ass!!

first thing you do in the morning… Smoke a cigarette on my way to get coffee.

first big purchase… He-man's buddy, Man-at-arms. Took $6 out of my savings account to buy him. That was a big purchase, relatively speaking.

first sponsor… H-Street

first job… Bag boy at Kroger

last thing you ate… beef jerky

last person you called… My friend Larry, on my way to his place out in the middle of nowhere.

last text you sent… To Larry: "The girl in the trunk doesn't speak english, relax, I will be there soon ball-sack man." But i sent it to my friend Tamie instead by accident.

last thing you do before going to bed… Remind myself to be grateful for everything in my life.

last time you said “last time… I'm trying this. So I'm landing on it regardless."

last concert… RJD2. I used to skate with him in Ohio.

last skate park you rode… Shred Ranch... I think that counts.

last movie you watched… The Ghost Writer

last close call… "Chad, I'm a month late..."

last big purchase… 10 call options of Intel - June 19 2010 - $22 strike

last thing you ate… Still beef jerky

last thing that surprised you… Every morning when I wake up not hung over.

last regret… buying 10 call options of Intel - June 19 2010 - $22 strike...