Saturday, January 2, 2010



I always look forward to Absinthe's video offering every year more than any other film crew and this year's Neverland was not a disappointment. The soundtrack is top notch as always, opening with The Who and some awesome footage of Nicolas Muller, Kevin Pierce and Eero Ettala. Next up is the Yes team's section, I love this part! There's this one shot in DCP's part that fascinates me, it's the second trick after the thundering avalanche shot in his section (I think he's doing a switch backside 540 or 720). The trick is shot over his head and just looks phenomenal. You can see how he executes the trick extremely well and it tickles my fancy. The ladies are up next (Annie and Marie), siiiick parts by both of them...super chill music to boot as well. Ummm...I think Dan Brisse comes up next with an extremely gnarly part (check his gigantic roof to roof gap, ?!?!). (I'm going to forget a few rider's parts so please forgive me, I'm just writing what comes to mind after watching the video countless times, I'm sitting in my work car typing this on my phone)Travis Rice has a hilarious opening to his part, it's stuff like this that puts Trice high on my list of favorites. Within his part is Mark Carter's part, I love this guy. I wish he rode in cowboy boots though, that'd make his part that much better. Gigi's section in the vid is sick as aspected...riding to DK, normally it would bother me that the song was used in a past legendary video part (Ingemar) but I can let it slide because we're talking about Gigi here. Bode Merrill got the curtains and it's well deserved. This kid shreds everything and makes it look all too easy. Stand out parts for me in this release come from Annie Boulanger, Marie-France Roy, Gigi Ruf, Travis Rice, the Yes snowboards section (JPS, RDM, DCP), and newcomers Dan Brisse and Bode Merrill. Seriously, if you like a wide range of styles and want to see everything from back country kickers, to powder slashes, to street rail carnage, topped with a killer soundtrack then Absinthe is the way to go year after year. If you haven't seen it already then go check it out.

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