Thursday, January 14, 2010

REVIEW: Bataleon Goliath 157

For this season I chose to sample one of the fine offerings from the line up over at Bataleon snowboards. Over the past few seasons I've heard a lot of talk about their Triple Base Technology (TBT) and I really wanted to find out first hand if it lived up to all the hype. Bataleon offer 3 different versions of TBT across their line; twin, freestyle, and freeride. TBT is a concave shape made up of 3 flat surfaces, starting under your bindings and moving outward towards the nose/tail of the board...between your bindings is your normal camber. The advantages of a board with TBT are numerous, initiate turns easier, float effortless in powder, catching edges is tougher to do, butter better...if you want all of the exact specs and more info about TBT head on over to the Bataleon site. So, what are my opinions on my Goliath 157?...I've been in love with it since the first run. I have it set up with Drake
Supersports and they complement the board extremely well. So far, the conditions I've been riding in have been quite ideal, powder (on the East Coast, weird)and groomers. Normally all I would have been riding this time of the years is ice and groomers. I'm actually looking forward to taking it out this weekend when the conditions are going to be less ideal to see how well it performs. I'm willing to bet I'm still as impressed as I am now though. This thing holds an edge really well, even at high speeds...edge to edge the board is a dream come true. I'm not much of a spinner so I can't tell you how well it helps me out on my double corks unfortunately. For what I do and how I ride (cruising groomers at high speeds, a few laps through the park, etc.) this board is everything I could ask for. I'm looking forward to Bataleon's 10/11 line up most definitely!

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