Thursday, May 13, 2010

BLTN: Videograss

I got Videograss for Christmas last year from my wife (thanks) and it's been in heavy rotation ever since. Almost every aspect of this video reminds me of a Baker skateboards video...the music, the style of riders, the antics, the editing, even the music selections...straight up Baker, no complaints by me. I'm completely down for this video and I'm looking forward to their next offering. There's not a boring section in this video but if I had to name the parts that stand out for me I'd say: Bilocq (favorite song of the video!), Bennee, Melancon, Messier, Olsen, Mendenhal, and Mathes. My question, where are LeBlanc's and Nima's parts?? LeBlanc had a few shots in there but I was hoping for more. Also, Jake Olsen rides to Surfin' Bird, I wanna know if the Family Guy episode played any roll in the song selecting process. I put this video on my iPod and listen to the audio while I'm driving
around working everyday. The video rules and is just super fun shredding with out the need of a gigantic budget funding helicopters follow filming helicopters filming riders...Videograss IS what's up and that's the bottom line. Go out and have fun.

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