Thursday, June 10, 2010

First and Last: Brenton Woo

First and Last

first pet…probably a fish. My parents are fish kinda pet owners. We had a bunch of fish. Definitely before we had any cats.

first car you owned…'94 Ford Explorer. sold it with 200k on the odometer a couple years ago. The thing was a trooper.

first trick you learned…never trust a girl with an adam's apple. on a snowboard? backside 180's.

first shredder you looked up to…it was skate. jamie thomas. i don't believe in holding heroes, but the people i look up to the most range from tech to snow/skate/surf to sports and entrepreneurs.

first contest you won…i don't believe in contests. that's called skiing. snowboarding is based on style which is subjective. besides, shredding isn't contest driven. except for shaun white, no one really cares. who won the x-games in '08? i dunno. i'm guessing most people don't. it's because they don't care. part of the problem is that contests are not very watchable. there aren't any rivalries or controversy surrounding the event or participants or brands.

first person to call when you win the lottery…my business partners to tell them we're going to the next level!

first skate park you rode…OB in San Diego. i remember how packed it was the first summer it opened. all sorts of people were there, but being OB, there was definitely a community vibe going on. i remember this 10 year old kid kept trying to board slide the concrete ledge going down the stairs and kept failing. just some local kid. lots of local pros were shredding that summer, too. andy mac pulled a 540 over the spine between the 2 back pools. people noticed, but hey, it's andy mac. one day that kid finally pulled off that boardslide and the entire park started cheering. stuff like that is tough to forget. but i'm not much of a skater. not many people truly pull off the trifecta. i generally stick to snow and surf.

first set up (snowboard / skateboard)…k2 zeppelin with switch bindings. skate was a santa cruz keith meek slasher.

first concert…Big Day out at RNA show grounds in Brisbane, Australia.

first thing you do in the morning…i'm an information junkie. i generally lay in bed for an hour reading news on my phone.

first big purchase…Automaton's production run for 07/08 was a hefty sum, for sure. In terms of personal stuff, I don't really spend much money on myself.

first sponsor…I don't need to be sponsored. I didn't before, and I won't in the future. Some could argue that I'm self sponsored, though.

first job…chef. i was in the culinary arts for over a decade before switching to Automaton full time. Being in the restaurant biz is a lot of fun, but not the most healthy lifestyle. generally i worked until 11pm, went out and drank at bars for free because we fed and know a lot of the bartenders. do whatever until whatever, wake up whenever. and still have time to surf or shred before work. no matter what you do, it's nearly impossible to be late or miss work in the restaurant business if you're half way diligent. There's little consequence for your actions. Like i said, fun lifestyle, but not the most healthy.

last thing you ate…al pastor burrito. i think san diego has the best mexican food available. even better than some of the mex i've had IN mexico.

last person you called…a buddy to make surf plans for tomorrow

last text you sent…same deal. gotta keep tabs on what the waves are doing.

last thing you do before going to bed…lay in bed and read news on my phone. i enjoy information overloading.

last time you said "last time"…can't remember

last concert…i don't really dig concerts, so i don't usually go. i can't even remember. maybe the rolling stones in '99? gatecrashers in '00? actually it was social distortion in Vegas about '05. great show, it was a lot of fun for sure.

last  mountain / skate park you rode…squaw last wednesday. powder day. a foot of nice dry pow. i hadn't been to squaw in 3 seasons but came across a voucher so i went and had my last day of the 09/10 season there. spent 4 hours getting fresh lines through the trees under red dog, mostly because there weren't many people at the resort. usually squaw gets tracked out super fast. great last day.

last movie you watched…avatar. no, it was push. story is kinda blah, so is the editing, but the camera work is pretty cool.

last close call…i called someone in the next room in my house. that was pretty close call.

last big purchase…when it was time for the Ford to go, i bought an Audi wagon. awd mashes in the snow, 30mpg's is great and compared to the old truck, it feels like a sports car. a lot of fun.

last thing that surprised you…wow. not much genuinely surprises me. i'm not trying to say that i'm jaded, but i have a highly analytical thought process. so not many things catch me off guard. sure i can get startled and stuff. oh, ok, how about when someone told me that Tiger Woods claims 120 women. That surprised me. i thought 10 was a lot. apparently that guy had a lot of free time.

last regret…that i didn't start appreciating surfing at an earlier age. i definitely wish i started seriously surfing younger than when i really did. all that time could've been better spent in the waves...

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