Monday, June 14, 2010

First and Last: Greg Harbour


First and Last

first pet…Black puppy!

first car you owned… Mini van! still own it

first trick you learned… half cab

first shredder you looked up to… Andy Weiss, the whole consolidated team, and a Svitard

first contest you won… One in Ft. Collins Colorado, we all got burrito after

first person to call when you win the lottery… JEN!!!

first skate park you rode… Ft. Collins old northside park, i ate shit trying to front board the I beam there

first set up (skateboard)… Flip board, Indy trucks, spit wheels, and Yak bearings

first concert… AFI pre getting popular

first thing you do in the morning… Make COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first big purchase… i dont think ive had one

first sponsor… The Market skateshop

first job… Bus boy

last thing you ate… peanut butter spoon

last person you called… Dan to go filmin

last text you sent… Lady Babe

last thing you do before going to bed… walk the puppies

last time you said “last time… yesterday at the skatepark

last concert… Career suicide, fromaldehyde Junkies, Mad Men, Cardiac Arrest and The Abused, Jen and i drove to St. Louis to see em and it was one of the best shows ever

last skate park you rode… Denver Park

last movie you watched… Birdemic!

last close call… walking the puppies last week at night, i had to take preventative actions to avoid a hostile situation

last big purchase… still none, maybe a plane ticket?

last thing you ate… PB spoon #2

last thing that surprised you… Graduating College

last regret… None

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