Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First and Last: Leanne Pelosi


first pet… rabbit. Sammy.

first car you owned… Hyundai excel

first trick you learned…frontside 360

first shredder you looked up to…Jamie Lynn


first contest you won…Heavy Metal Rail Jam at Lake Louise

first person to call when you win the lottery…my boyfriend

first skate park / mountain you rode…Canada Olympic Park (Calgary, Alberta)

first set up (snowboard / skateboard)…something without metal edges. We weren't allowed on real resorts because of that.


first concert…Tiffany

first thing you do in the morning…Go pee!

first big purchase…a 2000 Ski Doo 600. AKA the Yellow Turtle.

first sponsor…K2

first job…Soccer coach



last thing you ate…bagel, peanut butter and banana

last person you called...Alaska Airlines

last text you sent…Colleen Quigley at 10:56pm
'You slut bag. I heard K2 will sponsor u if you come out for Canada day. Don't be a ginger'

last thing you do before going to bed…put my alarm on.


last time you said “last time"… after I ate a whole bag of M&M's.

last concert…Sasquatch festival

last mountain / skate park you rode… Mt. Hood

last movie you watched…Get it to the Greek


last close call…almost slamming into Spencer doing turns down Mt. Hood groomers. So scary.

last big purchase…a flight for my bf to come visit for 4th of July at Mt. Hood

last thing that surprised you… when Tedore jumped on my bed and tried to drag me out of a good sleep in the middle of the night.

last regret…not staying in Alaska longer.


photos: Christy Chaloux, Mike Yoshida, Jeff Pearlman

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