Monday, October 4, 2010

Review: Absinthe Films - Now/Here

I've been looking forward to the new Absinthe film "Now/Here since before I even watched the trailer. I didn't even need to watch the trailer...I didn't even need to hear people's reactions after it had it's debut screening. Every season, year after year, Absinthe's films never disappoint. Now/Here is top-effing-notch snowboarding through and through. I have a soft spot for the type of snowboard film that showcases every aspect of snowboarding; epic AK runs, pillows lines, urban rails/streets, parks, goofing off/hi jinx...Absinthe brings it all to the table and then some. I can't say which part was my favorite because they all are pretty much. There will be no skipping parts with this dvd, I'll be watching it from beginning to end every time. And as always, the musical selections are top notch as well (note: it was very nice to hear Primus in there, makes me think of TB2). If you're a
snowboarder then you owe it to yourself to go out and purchase Now/Here and treat yourself to one of the finest snowboard films of the season.

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