Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Teton Gravity Research - Deeper

I had the pleasure of watching Deeper, the new Jeremy Jones snowboard film released by Teton Gravity Research earlier today. This film is epic. The riding is epic. The situations are epic. While I was watching it I kept saying, out loud, "holy sh!t!," over and over again. The terrain Jeremy Jones and his crew were accessing is jaw dropping. There's really no way I can put into words the epicness of their riding. I'm pretty much speechless. The way it was filmed makes the viewer feel as if they're right there with them at times thanks in part to the use of helmet cams. I'd like to know how the hell someone built that hut in the Chamonix segment...seriously, how does one make something like that happen?? My hat goes off to Mr. Jones, all of the other riders featured in the film, the filmers, as well as TGR and all of the film's sponsors for making it all come to fruition. If you're a
snowboarder (or even if you're not) you simply must watch this film, it'll make you want to take your riding to the next level and put a big cheesy grin on your face.

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