Saturday, December 18, 2010

First and Last: Heikki Sorsa


first pet...Never had one...too busy traveling.

first car...Datsun pick-up i got from my dad.

first trick you learned...How to fall on my butt.

first snowboarder you looked up to...Terje.

first contest you won...Some finnish halfpipe competition.

first person to call when you win the lottery...My girlfriend.

first mountain...Talma glacier :)

first snowboard / skateboard...Burton AIR / can´t remember, maybe a birdhouse.

first concert...Rancid in Helsinki.

first thing you do in the morning...Open my eyes.

first big purchase...My first apartment.

first sponsor...Burton.

first job...Never had a real job, i mean snowboarding of course.


last thing you ate...Cupcake.

last person you called...My friend Kummi in NYC.

last text you sent...Same person.

last thing you do before going to bed...Say good night.

last time you said "last time"...hmmm....I don´t really say that.

last concert...Kelis in Helsinki.

last mountain...Brighton, Utah.

last movie you watched...Despicable Me.

last close call...almost hit a rock after a powder ollie at Brighton.

last trick you filmed...Bs 180 onefoot over the picnic table.

last big purchase...My new car.

last thing that surprised you...How cold it is in NYC.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Never Summer 'Made In America'

I hail from a small town south of Pittsburgh, PA called Belle Vernon. Growing up, there was only a small handful of skateboarders and snowboarders so we were all a pretty closely knit group of friends. When someone would get "hooked up" in any way from any company, the stoke was shown throughout the group. Over the years our close band of brothers eventually disbanded and, for the most part, grew up...and most of us lost touch. So when I first read that an old friend, Jason Hindman, was riding for Never Summer snowboards and would have footage in their new video Made In America, I wore a grin from ear to ear. Jason's dad, Ross, owned and operated the first "real" snowboard shop in the Pittsburgh area, Revolutions, and I had the pleasure of working there for a number of years. During those years I got to spend time with his son Jason and experience what an awesome person and gifted
snowboarder he is. So yeah, way to go Jason, go get some! But, in regards to the video itself, job well done. When I first started snowboarding there weren't many "team" videos like you see in the skateboarding world, but rather an amalgamation of riders from different companies under one video production company (ie: Absinthe, Standard, etc.) Over the past years though I'm noticing a lot more team videos and I'm all for it. I still enjoy the mixed crew videos but I'm all for a little change up to make things more interesting. Made In America features the entire Never Summer team from what I can tell, and they all really rip. There's quite a diverse selection of riding ranging from parks, urban rails, and trees all the way to gnarly backcountry lines. I have to admit, I'm a little biased and I have to give my "favorite section" up to Jason Hindman, haha. But all in all, the entire cast
shreds and truly represents what Never Summer is all about. The best part about this video? It's free and you can download it right here .

Friday, December 3, 2010

First and Last: ED TEMPLETON!!!


first pet...Ptah Templeton, Burmese Cat, 1990-2008.

first car...Toyota 4-Runner, still have it.

first trick you learned...Ollie and ollie variations, 180, to axle, etc...

first skateboarder you looked up to...Eric Estrada, the local ripper.

first contest you won...Some am contest around '86 or '87.

first person to call when you win the lottery...Real Estate agent.

first skate park you ever skated...Tijuana skate park in Mexico.

first skateboard...Nash "Skate or Die" from Big 5 sports.

first time you saw Ed naked...Classic Mike Burnett Question.

first concert...Red Hot Chili Peppers, 1986.

first thing you do in the morning...Walk to the computer and check emails.

first big purchase...My first house in 1995.

first sponsor...Circle-A skateboards.

first job...Pro Skateboarder, New Deal.


last thing you ate...A veggie dog with sauerkraut and mustard.

last person you called...Geoff Rowley, returning a call.

last text you sent...To Billy Marks about going up to SF.

last thing you do before going to bed...Read.

last time you said "last time"...I say it all the time while reminiscing.

last concert...No Age, Sonic Youth and Pavement in LA.

last skate park...Peoria Park in Phoenix, AZ.

last time you saw Ed naked...This morning in the mirror, worried.

last movie you watched...Joe Kidd, a Clint Eastwood western on cable.

last close call...While driving on the Toy Machine Brainwash tour a few weeks ago.

last trick you filmed...Two weeks ago, impossible tail grab in some ditch in Albuquerque.

last big purchase...Getting all my film processed from my last trip to Europe.

last thing that surprised you...Lakers losing 3 in a row tonight.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

If you're looking for a good read, head on over to chromeballincident for an interview with Chris "Dune" Pastras. Extremely good stuff.