Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Toy Machine 'Brainwash'

I remember going into Revolutions skate shop back in the day looking for a new skate video. The only new video they had was Toy Machine's Welcome to Hell. At that time, I knew Toy Machine was Templeton's company, and I liked the way their ads looked in the magazines...that's pretty much it. Little did I know that Welcome to Hell would become an all time favorite of mine and spawn a love for all things Toy Machine from that point on. Fast forward to now...there's been quite a few Toy Machine videos since then, and every one has kicked serious ass...Brain Wash is no different. It features the entire team (Ed Templeton, Billy Marks, Matt Bennett, Leo Romero, Austin Stephens, Johnny Layton, Diego Bucchieri, Nick Trapasso) and introduces the new ams Collin Provost, Daniel Lutheran and Jordan Taylor. The skating is gnar as one would expect from a Toy Machine video. I was left yearning for
more footage from Templeton, Stephens, and Diego, but hey, people in hell want ice water. I have faith that Ed Templeton can dish out one more full length part still (if not more). The music in the video fits properly. It has a different feel to it than previous videos though, but I like it none the less. There's no blank spaces without music, from beginning until end it's cut from one song to another with no breaks in between. It works and I like it. If you haven't already, go out and pick Brain Wash up, it rules...'nuff said.

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