Friday, April 29, 2011

The one that didn't get away...

The summer of '92 was a special time for me (and for skateboarding in general). During that Summer Plan B released Questionable...a video that impacted my life forever and changed the face of skateboarding as we all know it...and it still holds up to today's standards almost 20 years later. That video depicts everything that skateboarding was for me during that time...Matt Hensley retiring before his time was up, Primus, Pat Duffy being sent from the future to tear skateboarding a new asshole, hi-top skate shoes cut into low-tops, Colin Mckay skating to Iron Maiden and showing the world he killed it in the streets as well as on a vert ramp , Ryan Fabry not blowing any bubbles, Olivelawn, wishing I possessed 1/100th of the style that Sal Barbier does, Del & Heiro, everyone skating cool colored blank boards, Sean Sheffey late shove-it'ing everything in sight, huge pants with the
legs cut uneven...on purpose, Rodney Mullen doing stuff no one has ever done and no one will ever do again, Green Day, The Offspring, & Pennywise (and no one else knowing who the hell they were yet), wishing I possessed 1/1000th of the style that Mike Carroll does (also, wishing I was cool enough to rock braids with rainbow colored rubber bands), Rick Howard skating to Ned's Atomic Dustbin and switch pressure flipping the SD convention center steps, that slam section..........that slam section, Danny Way completely destroying everything in his path. During that time period I pretty much only skated Plan B boards (with the occasional Blind, World Ind., and 101 thrown in from time to time to keep things fresh). I never thought to hold on to any of my old boards once I was finished with them and set up a new one. The old ones were either cracked and then focused into oblivion or handed
down to one of my friends who could still squeeze a tiny bit more life out of them. Luckily, I was wise enough to hold onto one of them...Hensley's tribute/retirement board. I recently unearthed this fossil from my parent's attic and it instantly brought back a ton of awesome memories. Just last week, someone offered me a decent amount of money to give this deck up, despite the shape it's in. I respectfully declined his offer. This one's staying with me.

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