Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: Real 'Since Day One'

There's been a load of hype for this video and it's much deserved. Real is one of the best, truest, "realest" skateboard companies in existence, run by actual skateboarders from top to bottom...their boards aren't made in China...if there's one company that you, as a skateboarder, should feel obligated to tip your hat to it's Real. They have been down since, you guessed it, day one. One of my top 10 videos of all time is Non-Fiction (Real, if you're listening, release a dvd box set). Non-Fiction changed me as a skateboarder. That video helped move me out of my "World Ind." stage and into my "skate to have fun, screw everything else" phase that I'm still in some 15+ years later. Since Day One clocks in at around an hour I believe and it's nothing but awesomeness from beginning to end. It opens with a touching tribute to one of our fallen brothers, Johnny Romano. Afterwards, rolls the
intro montage followed by everyone's parts. There's not one part in this video that's a clinker. As usual, there's some parts I tend to want to watch more than other but for the most part this is a video that I'll be watching straight through every time. Stand out parts for me are Justin Brock, Torres/Dompierre shared part, JT Aultz, Romondetta, Ishod Wair, Schaaf, and of course the one and only...Huf. Words cannot describe the joy of finally having a new Huf part to watch over and over again. Schaaf's part isn't one to be slept on either...solid, classic vert skating...keep it up Max. This video rules and will force you to get out of the house, off the computer and out pushing around in the streets where we belong.
Never stop.

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