Monday, May 30, 2011

awesome craigslist find...

It reads as follows:

I have a Girl Brand skateboard, built custom. I NEED to sell this quickly.

Deck- Girl brand Sean Malto deck (don't remember which one exactly)
Griptape- Black Magic (The brand name Zero is written in lightning on it. If this is a problem, it costs about 3 dollars to get a new sheet of griptape.)
Wheels- Spitfire (I think they are hard wheels, but I can't remember.)
Bearings- Bones Reds Bearings
Trucks- Thunder (Brand)
Hardware- 7/8 inch Girl Allen head hardware.

To people new to skateboarding..
The brand of the deck is Girl, but this is a skateboard for guys. Girl decks are some of the best around, known for incredible "pop."
Spitfire wheels are great wheels, but there are some that are slightly better.
The bearings are the very best of the best. (Bones Reds.) '
The griptape is extremely strong.

---This is a great board, with less than 6 hours worth of skating time on it, and I have done absolutely no tricks on it. It's pretty close to brand new. I payed $160 for it this time a year ago. I am looking to sell it to get some money for some running shoes or something, but skateboarding is no longer a hobby I enjoy.

The price is firm. 80 dollars, no less. Thanks.

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