Thursday, May 19, 2011

Come on now...

Pictured above are two of the most recent Cease & Desist skateboard's releases. C&D are a company that re-issue old, out of production, sometime controversial decks that a lot of skateboard collectors really want to hang on their walls but can neither find nor afford the OG's. Also, these decks are made in the USA and have hand silk-screened graphics which is a rarity these days and also makes them awesome skateboards to, well, actually skate rather than be wall hangers. There is some controversy about this company being that almost all of their releases are without permission from the pro-skater's names printed on the boards and without permission from the companies that originally released them (there's been a few where pro's have worked with C&D, gotten paid, and actually signed each and every board sold...pretty cool). There are two sides to every coin. Like I said, these boards are
high quality and give people an alternative to dropping thousands on OG's. And keep in mind, when a lot of these boards were originally released the graphics on them were used illegally in the first place and the companies were served with cease & desist orders. But there's still the topic of using pro's names on the decks and said pro's receiving no compensation. I could go on and on with different ways to look at the dilemma but in the end it all comes down to supply and demand. There are a lot of skateboarders out there, young and old, who want these boards to either skate or hang and Cease & Desist are supplying the demand. What's my take on the matter? I'm not rich, I'm far from it. I wish that the skater's got a cut from the sales of these boards and I hope that in the future they move towards releasing them in conjunction with the pro's. But in the meantime, if C&D release a
board I have a fond memory of and I want to hang on my wall I'm damn sure gonna swipe it up rather than attempt to save up a few thousand (cutting into my kid's college fund) and hope to get the OG sometime down the line (ie: never). I say kudos to you C&D, kudos indeed.

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