Monday, July 11, 2011

First and Last: Halldor Helgason


first pet... A dog called led Zeppelin, that i almost killed because i gave him Gum

first car... Toyota Tacoma 2006

first trick you learned... Indy

first snowboarder you looked up to... Peter Line

first contest you won... Icelandic championship in slopestyle, Big air, and boarder cross hehe

first person to call when you win the lottery... Mom

first mountain... Hlíðarfjall

first snowboard / skateboard... k2 and Alien Workshop

first concert.... Deep Purple

first thing you do in the morning... Wake up

first big purchase... the car i just bought in the US

first sponsor... local shop in iceland called Brim

first job... Construction worker in iceland

last thing you ate... KFC

last person you called... My Friend back home

last text you sent... telling my friend in Holland to download Tiny wings in his iphone

last thing you do before going to bed... put on something to watch in the computer

last time you said "last time"... long time ago, i learned from that mistake

last concert... Dimmu Borgir, but i showed up to late so i only saw them walk off the stage

last mountain... Snow world, an indoor park in Holland or Belgia, not really sure were i was

last movie you watched... Flip - sorry

last close call... Fell a sleep outside the gate on the airport 2 days ago and aaaaalmost missed my flight back home

last trick you filmed... boardslide on a double down in a skatepark

last big purchase... the car i bought in the US

last thing that surprised you... There is a heavy festival going down i iceland this weekend!

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