Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: Videograss - Bon Voyage

I finally got my hands on a copy of Videograss' newest snowboard video Bon Voyage (hey, it's still their newest video until their "new" newest video is released in a few months). This is Videograss' sophmore release and it pretty much holds true to what one would expect from them...raw, unadulterated, street (mostly) snowboarding. If you enjoy skateboard-inspired snowboarding then you best be sure to pick this one up. There's a lot of rails, ledges, banks, roof tops, etc...and there's also some pretty sick back country-ish footage to boot as well. I'm not talking about Jeremy Jones back country, but it's still powdery goodness none the less. Some people these days are under the impression that if you're sliding rails and not making powder turns then it's "not snowboarding." Well, when I first strapped into my Gnu Pharoah some 20 years ago I was out to have fun. It didn't matter if I
was hopping over tombstones in my local cemetery or making "S" turns at 7 Springs...I just wanted to have fun. And after watching this video, it brings me back to those days when I first started snowboarding and things weren't so serious. Just strap in and enjoy the ride. Stand out parts in this vid for me came from Leblanc, Nima, Mathes, LNP, Anderson, Bilocq, and Mendenhall. Pick this video up and let the good times roll...forever.

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