Monday, August 22, 2011

Ishod Wair on 4 Star

4 Star clothing welcomes Real skateboards, Thunder trucks, and Spitfire wheels rider Ishod Wair to their incredible team. Sick!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

taken from the Slap messageboard...

Someone wrote this on the Slap board, I liked what he/she had to say (in reference to an internet squabble between Eric Koston and Alex Olson)...

"first and foremost, skateboarding DOES NOT NEED anyone to do anything for skateboarding. skateboarding was doing just fine before it became corporate, and in my opinion it is worse off now that at any other time in its short history. koston, as someone eluded to before, is concerned about helping himself. he is rich and a wannabe celebrity, and a fucking Scientologist at that. I could do without the berrics as most people who skate would not have missed it had it never existed. basically steve berra failed as an actor and came up with a good plan to exploit the current market. i am not saying that there is no good in their hearts toward skateboarding, i just personally do not appreciate when anyone takes it upon themselves to represent skateboarding, or change it for whatever reason, especially when that involves creating an image thats only benefit is to the one making the change, e.g
., corporate, non skate sponsorship. not to mention nikes horrible human rights record. skateboarding belongs to EVERYONE WHO SKATES. not these glorified assholes. for every pro, there is a hometown hero who kills it. i am cool with people getting paid to skate, but when it gets to this level of psuedo celebrity infighting, yes i am entertained, but, it has nothing to do with skateboarding, only some deuchebags who skate. so guys, stop pretending that who you are and what you do is more important than the rest of us who skate for fun and dont need anything from you."


Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been slacking. I've been really busy with work and sleep and family time has been getting the best of me. I'm on the hunt for new things to write about on Seasons. I'm trying to line up some product reviews for this upcoming snowboard season so we'll have to wait and see how that all plays out. In the mean time check out this photo of one of Lobster snowboard's new limited boards. There's a few others in this series of boards and you can see them all over at