Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Magenta Skateboards NY Capsule

From Magenta Skateboards...

"We went on a trip to New York City a few months back and we came back with this Capsule.

What's a goddamn "Capsule" you might ask? It's basically a montage of us skating around with our friends. It's not HD, it's no crazy 5 hour mission on some perfect spot to get the latest combo or some crazy stunt on tape, but rather some plain old fashioned street skateboarding with whatever happened that day, if our friend managed to film it.

Jean Feil filmed and edited this one, which features Jimmy Lannon, Soy Panday, Vivien Feil and some friends they met up with in NY.
Here it is: "

Saturday, September 24, 2011

First and Last: Michael LeBlanc

first pet...Cat

first car...'71 Monte Carlo

first trick you learned...Method

first snowboarder you looked up to...Jeff Brushie

first contest you won...Never won one

first person to call when you win the lottery...My GF

first mountain...Sugarloaf, USA, Maine

first snowboard / skateboard...Skate: Mark Gonzalez, venture trucks, Ktrytonic 63.5 csi wheels
Snow: Burton Backhill 1982

first concert....Ramones 1984 or so

first thing you do in the morning...pee

first big purchase...House

first sponsor...Yang Snowboard clothes, Ride Snowboards

first job...Paperboy age 9-14

last thing you ate...Swedish Board breakfast at Broder in Portland

last person you called...Dave Wray from SIA

last text you sent...To Holden's CFO, Mike Hare

last thing you do before going to bed...Set my internal alarm clock

last time you said "last time" idea

last concert...The Raveonettes on the "raven in the grave" tour. Best album or 2011

last mountain...Mt. Hood, videograss camp at HCSC

last movie you watched...ART OF FLIGHT premeier last night in Portland. MIND BLOWING. So damn

last close call...Ollie down the 40 stair gap

last trick you filmed...Ollie down the 40 stair gap

last big purchase...House in Portland

last thing that surprised you...Leaves falling already

Monday, September 19, 2011

Magenta skateboards Fall '11 releases.

Magenta just rolled out their Fall '11 line up of boards, which includes a guest pro board for East coast legend Quim Cardona. Magenta has an incredible team of rippers, sick graphics, boards that are made in the USA and the company is run by actual skateboarders. Check out for more info.

Friday, September 16, 2011

First and Last: Chris Beresford

first pet... Kitten named tiger

first car... 88 Honda accord I hated it that thing!

first trick you learned... most memorable was a boardslide in my friends back yard on a big plastic tube

first snowboarder you looked up to... Peter Line, Travis Parker, Jp a bunch of dudes

firstcontest you won... My Local mountain Blandford ski area's Half Pipe contest! pretty much a ditch that you surfed..

first person to call when you win the lottery... Prob my buddy Anderson

first mountain... Mt Tom!

first snowboard / skateboard... Snowboard Nitro Hazard 127,  Skate was a powel with Orion trucks and bones wheels.. no clue how I remember that

first concert.... Tom Petty

first thing you do in the morning...  Check my email

first big purchase... A car for sure!

firstsponsor...  Option snowboards

first job...  Mrs Murphy's donuts.. I was the mop boy

last thing you ate... A Salad

last person you called...  My buddy sleeve

last text you sent...  to Tim Ronan I sent him out some sunglasses he was psyched!

last thing you do before going to bed...  Brush my teeth

last time you said "last time"...  Right now at 2pm 9/9/11

last concert... Hah this band called XXX... It was super funny

last mountain...  La Parva Chile with the K2 crew

last movie you watched... I got sucked into seeing Harry Potter

last close call... getting surgery

last trick you filmed... Was at Snoqualmie and it was a nollie flip off a box in April.

last big purchase...  I just purchased 1800 sunglasses for my sunglass company dang shades!

last thing that surprised you...  The art of flight!  T Rice a damn Animal..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

a new addition...

This past Monday, 9/5/11, my new baby daughter, Lily Evangeline Stringhill, entered the world. She's as beautiful and perfect as I knew she would be. Season's is still pushing on, just at a little slower pace while Lily gets settled in at home. There's a lot of goodness to look forward to on this site coming up...stay tuned.