Friday, September 16, 2011

First and Last: Chris Beresford

first pet... Kitten named tiger

first car... 88 Honda accord I hated it that thing!

first trick you learned... most memorable was a boardslide in my friends back yard on a big plastic tube

first snowboarder you looked up to... Peter Line, Travis Parker, Jp a bunch of dudes

firstcontest you won... My Local mountain Blandford ski area's Half Pipe contest! pretty much a ditch that you surfed..

first person to call when you win the lottery... Prob my buddy Anderson

first mountain... Mt Tom!

first snowboard / skateboard... Snowboard Nitro Hazard 127,  Skate was a powel with Orion trucks and bones wheels.. no clue how I remember that

first concert.... Tom Petty

first thing you do in the morning...  Check my email

first big purchase... A car for sure!

firstsponsor...  Option snowboards

first job...  Mrs Murphy's donuts.. I was the mop boy

last thing you ate... A Salad

last person you called...  My buddy sleeve

last text you sent...  to Tim Ronan I sent him out some sunglasses he was psyched!

last thing you do before going to bed...  Brush my teeth

last time you said "last time"...  Right now at 2pm 9/9/11

last concert... Hah this band called XXX... It was super funny

last mountain...  La Parva Chile with the K2 crew

last movie you watched... I got sucked into seeing Harry Potter

last close call... getting surgery

last trick you filmed... Was at Snoqualmie and it was a nollie flip off a box in April.

last big purchase...  I just purchased 1800 sunglasses for my sunglass company dang shades!

last thing that surprised you...  The art of flight!  T Rice a damn Animal..

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