Friday, October 21, 2011

Amp not that great...

Out of all the energy drinks that I've tried, Amp is probably my least favorite. Well, it's my least favorite from the full priced, heavy hitters you normally find at every convenience store. I've had many weird, small company energy drinks I've found at dollar stores and bargain type stores and some of those have been horrid (while some have been incredible). But yes, Amp is the worst out of the heavy hitters of energy drinks. It doesn't give me the feeling of a "boost" like others do...and, it's flavor is nothing to write home about. It basically tastes like Mt. Dew. I feel that I get nothing more from drinking an Amp than I would from drink a can of Dew. If I have my choice (which I do, I just bought some Amps because they were on sale at CVS) I always choose NOS sugar free energy drink...incredible taste, incredible boost, and the can looks like a can of rocket fuel.

P.S. I need to be drinking energy drinks as much as I need a new hole in my head. I need to be drinking more water. End of story.

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