Saturday, October 1, 2011

First and Last: Phil Jacques

first pet... I never had a pet of my own cause my mom is allergic. My girlfriend had a little white dog called poutchy. So I guess he was my first. 

first car... Saturn SL1 2002. What a bomb!

first trick you learned... Indy

first snowboarder you looked up to... Peter Line

first contest you won... Streetstatic in Montreal in '06

first person to call when you win the lottery... Mom

first mountain... Le Relais, 15 minutes away from Quebec city. 

first snowboard / skateboard... I don't know what brand it was. Maybe it didn't have one. It had a P on it and that's it. 115 cm. Things change haha. / same for skate deck. Whatever complete deal from I can't remember what shop. 

first concert.... Stretch Armstrong way back then. 

first thing you do in the morning... Take a piss

first big purchase... My computer

first sponsor... Sport Radical (shop)

first job... Preparing shipments in a hardware store warehouse. 

last thing you ate... Breakfast sandwich

last person you called... Girlfriend

last text you sent... My boss

last thing you do before going to bed... Close my eyes

last time you said "last time"... Reading this feature. 

last concert... The Black Keys this summer

last mountain... Blackcomb glacier. 

last movie you watched... Little White Lies

last close call... Skating the bowl way too hungover this weekend. 

last trick you filmed... I think the switch bs 7 I have in my part. 

last big purchase... My truck

last thing that surprised you... My girlfriend's new dog brings a new surprise everyday.

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