Monday, November 28, 2011

Magenta in the Battle of Normandy 2011

Last summer Magenta skateboards took part in the 2011 edition of the Battle of Normandy event in the North-West of france. They spent 5 days there looking for new spots, cruising around and basically having a good time. Their edit of the trip is now online, check it out.

Magenta in the Battle of Normandy 2011 from Magenta Skateboards on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

In's & Out's with Sean Genovese


1. Helpin' out the homies
2. Going fast
3. Air time
4. Walkin' the line
5. Life

1. Hunching over laptops
2. Hating on double/triple/quad corks
3. Whining
4. Still got no love for the tindy
5. Meter maids

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: The Art of Flight

The Art of Flight...what hasn't already been said about this snowboarding masterpiece? Two years in the making, brought to you by Travis Rice, Red Bull, and Brain Farm, this snowboarding super movie epitomizes what snowboarding is about and where it's going. Absolutely the highest quality picture and sound to have ever graced a snowboard flick (at least from what I've personally experienced)...Blu Ray all the way baby. I do love the fact that when you purchase this movie that you get both the Blu Ray and dvd versions packaged neatly together all for one price. Other snowboard film production companies take heed, this is how to do it. Onto the film itself.
The ensemble cast of riders is legendary...Travis Rice, Mark Landvik, Jeremy Jones, Nicolas Muller, John Jackson, Scotty Lago, Pat Moore, DCP, Jake Blauvelt, Bjorn doesn't get much better than this folks. The tunes rock and fit the tone of riding perfectly. The story that goes a long with the shreddage is just as spectacular, from beginning to end this film belongs on snowboarding's top shelf. Travis Rice and his crew always seem to do the impossible...out do themselves year after year. I have no clue what he has up his sleeve next, but I seriously can't wait to see what it is.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Trice on CoCo...

Earlier this week Travis Rice was a guest on Conan O'Brien's late night talk show. It was pretty 'effin cool to see him in the hot seat talking about The Art of Flight and goofing around with Conan. If you missed it I'm sure you can find it online somewhere (TNT's site, or maybe Hulu or YouTube). It's definitely worth your time to check out. Speaking of The Art of Flight, I got to sit down and watch it myself earlier this week and was blown away. Look for my review on the site in a few days. And then, a little further down the road from that look for my review of Airblaster's new movie "Thank You, Baby." I'm super excited to check that one out...always good stuff to be had from the folks at Airblaster.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Review: Absinthe Films' 'Twe12ve'

Absinthe Films' releases are something I look forward to every season. They always showcase a wide variety of riding styles, terrain, riders, and locations...and their filming and production is top shelf. I also always enjoy the soundtrack in Absinthe Films' releases. I've become a fan of quite a few bands that I've discovered from their videos. This season's release, Twe12ve, is exactly what I've come to expect from them...jaw dropping riding shot beautifully and set to the most fitting music. The riding is absolutely incredible. When I'm watching these guys (and girls) do what they do sometimes I think to myself "what the hell is going through their head when they're committing to doing this?" Ten to fifteen years ago we wouldn't have even considered most of what they're riding and doing as humanly just blows me away when I think about it. Honestly, everyone in this
video is incredible. But if I'd have to name a few rider's parts as "stand outs" I'd have to go with: Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller, Bode Merrill, JP Solberg, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Dan Brisse, Romain Demarchi, and as always Annie Boulanger. Go out to your local shop and purchase Twe12ve...and then go online to the Absinthe site and stock your shelf with some of their past releases, they all rule.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the dork in me...

It may just be that I'm a huge dork, but I got really excited when I saw this Stargate inside the haunted house at the Pittsbugh Zoo's "Zoo Boo" over the weekend. It's a pretty craptastic photo (thanks Blackberry) but I needed some type of photographic evidence of it.
Coming up in a day or so, my review of Absinthe's latest film "Twelve."