Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review: Airblaster's 'Thank You Baby.'

Fun. That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of Airblaster. I was first introduced to Airblaster when I picked up their dvd December some years back (one of my all time favorites). I've missed a lot of their videos since December, but I was lucky enough to have them send me a copy of their latest effort titled "Thank You, Baby" to check out.......and check it out I did. The main feature is short and sweet. It chronicles the travels and riding of Nick Dirks and Brandon Cocard throughout Russia...awesome stuff. I've always wanted to go to Russia, more than likely I'll never make it there in this lifetime so why not experience it vicariously through some of Airblaster's finest? I'm all for it. It looks to me like they had an incredible, once in a lifetime experience and I enjoyed taking it all in from the comfort of my own humble abode. As with the other Airblaster dvd's,
Thank You, Baby offers a lot of bonus features. My favorite is the one with Travis Parker and Leanne Pelosi shredding some pow at Baldface Lodge. Oh! And the one with Nick Dirks and Jed Anderson skating at various concrete parks is not to be slept on either, good stuff right there. So for $5.99, this dvd is not to be slept on, head on over to and pick it up for yourself. Or, if you're inclined to order yourself any other Airblaster gear, I'm pretty sure this dvd will be included in your order for free. So you have no excuses, get yourself a copy, pop it in your dvd player, and let the good times roll.

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