Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: Absinthe Films "Resonance"

Photobucket Absinthe Films' latest offering, "Resonance," is precisely what the term's definition states; deep, full, and reverberating. From top to bottom, this feature has it all, rails, powder, spins, style, awesome scenery, you name it, it's in there. With a cast of heavy hitters (as always) such as Nicholas Muller, Scotty Lago, Brandon Cocard, Gigi Ruff, Danny Kass, Manuel Diaz, Eric Jackson, Blair Habenicht, Sylvain Bourbousson, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Lucas Debari, and Bode Merrill, you know what to expect, and that is total annihilation (on a snowboard). As always the musical selections are top notch, and compliment the riders and locations extremely well. Nicholas riding to Santogold is akin to bread going well with butter. Maybe somehow I missed the memo, but when Danny Kass graced the screen I was taken by surprise. I had no clue he was even filming with Absinthe last year but I'm glad he did. Style for miles my friends. Brandon Cocard's insanely long 50/50 down who knows how many stairs is freaking reDONKulous. The bonus features are worth a look as well...there are three Flipsides to check out (think "making of" style documentary for this here film), a photo album, sponsor clips, and the Whitelines edit competition winner James Castell's winning entry. Every rider in the video threw down hardcore and they all deserve a well earned pat on the does Justin Hostynek, Patrick Armbruster, and everyone else at Absinthe who poured their hearts and souls into this film.

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