Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review: HOWL Jeepster mitts

I've been waiting for what seems like forever to finally have my chance to go riding...so much new gear to check out this year and I want to write about as much of it as I can on my zine here. I finally got to go riding this past Sunday and first up we have these HOWL Jeepster mitts. They're a pretty simple, no frills design snowboarding mitt. Nice and warm fleece inside, super comfy, grippy palms, softer nylon-like material over the rest of the outside of them. I was riding at night and it was extremely cold out. For the most part my hands stayed nice and warm. I'm assuming this is more of a spring / pipe riding mitt because of how thin they are but they seriously held their own in the bitter ice coast nighttime. I'm sure they wouldn't hold up at keeping my hands warm and dry if it was raining or wet outside but that's not the conditions they're designed for. In closing, these mitts rip. Super stylish, functional snowboard mitts that get the job done. They get the Seasons stamp of approval.

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