Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lib Tech & Gnu Present: NEAR CANADA OPEN

Groms to Grandpa's are invited to revel in the radness that is happening Near Canada in the USA on March 16. Lib Tech and Sunday River will unveil a jib-covered-slopesyle-minipipe where style and creativity reign supreme in the first ever Near Canada Open.

Join Lib Tech Rippers Jesse Burtner and Ted Borland for this Beyond Free!* event with good times, sweet features, minimal structure and great prizes from the fine folks at Lib Tech, GNU, Arnette, Crab Grab, Poler Stuff and Eastern Boarder. And on top of that, one rider will win a coveted invite to Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark at Mt Bachelor! See you Saturday at Sunday (River)!

Registration: 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM at the Barker Base Lodge, March 16, 2013
- Snowboards Only
- Helmets Required
- 18 and under requires parents signature
- Valid lift ticket or season's pass required.

Facebook Event Page:

Vimeo Teaser:


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review: Switchback Eiki Pro Bindings

I've always been a firm believer that the best bindings are made from plastic and not metal (sorry Bent Metal). They just feel better to me. I've ridden many a metal binding in my day and so far my opinion has not been swayed. When I first heard about Switchback I thought "cool, no tools needed to make adjustments," and then it hit me. These things are all plastic, everything. Well, take away the screws needed to mount them (and the highbacks I have on these Eiki Pro's feature a forward lean adjuster, which is metal) and they're as close to being all plastic as you can get. I love these things. Sick, trippy graphics on the highbacks, ankle straps and footbeds. The ankle straps are super soft and super comfy. The toe caps are designed properly and cover the perfect angle of the boot's toe. Couple this with the soft grippy inside layer to the cap and these things stay put. Every single part of the bindings can be adjusted and swapped out without the use of tools (minus the mounting hardware). Also, you can remove the highback completely and insert a little heel cup piece and now ride highbackless. Genius. Switchback has hit a home run in the binding market. Apparently I'm not the only one who digs these binders because they have a debut team of heavy hitters, including the brothers Helgason (I'm pretty sure they helped launch the company). Go to their site to build your own custom pair and order away.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Such a steal...

I just bought a lot of four VHS videos off of eBay to finally get my own copy of Robot Food's first video, Afterbang. It's brand spanking new, never been opened. I got the whole lot for $10 and free shipping, what a steal. One of the other vids is a keeper too, The Haakonsen Faktor. The other two vids are meh...a trick tips video and a wake boarding video. I don't even know anyone who wake boards so I can't even give it away. If someone wants this video, leave a comment or something and it's yours. It's called Dedicated, and it's by Backyard Films.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Burton US Open Qualifiers at 7 Springs

So last weekend Burton held the qualifiers for their US Open of snowboarding in my own back yard, 7 Springs. I never ever get the opportunity to attend anything even remotely cool or industry related in the realm of snowboarding, ever. Being that this event was so close I felt I was obligated to at least show up on of the days and see what was up. So I woke up early on Sunday and made my way up to the resort. It was packed as was expected but not to the point that I was bumping shoulders with anyone. I got to walk through the tent city of sponsors and get some free crap that I really didn't need but didn't turn away either. It was pretty cool to see some awesome pipe riding in person that I normally only get to witness on televised contests or in videos. Seeing someone do a double cork 1080 in person is pretty much jaw dropping, it has to be seen in person to truly appreciate the magnitude it. So all in all it was a fun day. It dumped snow the entire time I was there so I got some good riding time in as well. I really hope 7 Springs keeps on having at least one event of this magnitude each season but that'll remain to be seen I guess. Either way, I had fun, it seemed like everyone around me was having fun, and thus I deem this event a success.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: Airblaster everything

I really wanted new outerwear this season and when the time came to choose I decided to go head to toe with Airblaster. From their humble beginnings with leg bags to where they're at today being a full outerwear/eyewear and everything in between snowboard powerhouse, Airblaster is all about bringing the fun. Have you ever seen they're movie December from a little while back? If not then shame on you.

The jacket I've been wearing as of late is the Jed Anderson pro model. It's a slightly longer fitting jacket, super light and extremely comfy. It's a shell so as you probably already know you'll have to layer in order to stay warm in all ranges of temps. The jacket has an attached powder skirt to keep out the unwanted snow when you're rag dolling it down the slope. Lots of pockets, detailing on the snaps and zipper pulls, and a nice sized hood top it off. Thumbs up from me.

The pants I went with, again, are Jed Anderson's pro models. They fit just like your favorite pair of pants. They have a tiny bit of stretch to them which works out perfectly since they're a slimmer fitting pant...but not too slim. They're not nut huggers by any means, just a nice regular fitting pair of snowboard pants.

My only suggestion for the aforementioned garments would have to be a jacket to pant interface of sorts. You know, some type of connectivity from the jacket's powder skirt to the waist of the pant. I find that extra measure of snow security comforting when I'm out riding.

Overall I'm extremely impressed with the quality and functionality of both pieces and would totally recommend Airblaster to anyone seeking some super stylish outerwear in their kit.

I also had the pleasure to check out Airblaster's Airgoggles. I'm going to go out on a limb and say these are the best goggles I've ever owned. They're smart. They have a lens called the Baker Lens. The Baker Lens is the smartest lens because the mirror coating is on the inside lens and not the outside one. Anyone who has had a mirror lens knows that over time the mirror coating wears off from daily cleaning/wiping. Not with the Baker Lens. The mirror coating is housed safely beneath the outside lens, safe from any wear and tear. Like I said, smart. The size of the goggle is fairly big. When I'm wearing them I can pretty much see everything, no obstructions from the frame whatsoever. They also have yet to fog up on me, another goggle gripe of mine, now a thing of the past. If you're in the market for some goggles I'm pretty sure Airblaster's got all the bases covered.

Head on over to Airblaster's site for all things Airblaster and to find out where your nearest dealer is. Also, waste some time playing Blasteroids.