Thursday, February 7, 2013

Burton US Open Qualifiers at 7 Springs

So last weekend Burton held the qualifiers for their US Open of snowboarding in my own back yard, 7 Springs. I never ever get the opportunity to attend anything even remotely cool or industry related in the realm of snowboarding, ever. Being that this event was so close I felt I was obligated to at least show up on of the days and see what was up. So I woke up early on Sunday and made my way up to the resort. It was packed as was expected but not to the point that I was bumping shoulders with anyone. I got to walk through the tent city of sponsors and get some free crap that I really didn't need but didn't turn away either. It was pretty cool to see some awesome pipe riding in person that I normally only get to witness on televised contests or in videos. Seeing someone do a double cork 1080 in person is pretty much jaw dropping, it has to be seen in person to truly appreciate the magnitude it. So all in all it was a fun day. It dumped snow the entire time I was there so I got some good riding time in as well. I really hope 7 Springs keeps on having at least one event of this magnitude each season but that'll remain to be seen I guess. Either way, I had fun, it seemed like everyone around me was having fun, and thus I deem this event a success.

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