Friday, March 22, 2013

The winter X Games Tignes pipe contest.

This winter X Games in Tignes was a fun contest to watch. For once it all actually felt up in the air as to who was going to make it to the podium (some red headed kid decided not to show up to the event, maybe this had something to do with it). Vito took the gold, Longo Silver, and Hiraoka bronze. They all killed it. I'm pretty sure the highlight of the event however was Ipod landing the first ever YOLO flip (cab 1440). It was pretty slick to see how stoked he was after the run, you could genuinely see how excited he was. Throwing all of his gear everywhere, not being able to form a sentence correctly, it was an awesome thing to see. Ipod should have been given an award for best trick or something. He bailed on the final trick in his run but whatever, he killed it.

Where were we?

Please accept my apology for the lack of posts here. For a moment there I was on an awesome vacation with my family, and then it took me quite a bit to get back into the flow of things with work and what not. Please consider this incredible photo of men surfing the snow as my humble apology.