Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Never think old, always think young...

Well, it only took about a month but I got shut out of my "go to" skate spot for after work. The curb. The lights are shut off before I'm able to even get there. Pfft. Who needs it. I'm off to bigger and better things, err, curbs. I'm gonna find me a newer and better curb. You'll see. 

In other worldly news. I've given up soda and energy drinks and replaced them with tried and true freshly brewed tea (made by myself) and water. 

And for Father's Day my lovely wife and kids got me this sweet ass print AND it's signed by Natas and Marc McKee. (That's not a photo of my actual print, I found that pic on the net) Now I just need to go get it framed and I'm all set. 

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