Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: Signal Park 154

(Note: This was supposed to be posted back in February. I just noticed that it was sitting in queue and never uploaded because of an error. My bad. Here it is)

I've always wanted to check out a Signal board and this year I finally did. Made in the good old US of A, and headed by snowboard legend Dave Lee, Signal do things a little differently. Check out their Every Third Thursday to understand what I mean. 3D printed snowboard anyone? They're a human sized company within an industry of giants, rooted with an artistic foundation. Give me more!

The Park 154 was my board of choice. I went with the camber version, I have yet to ride a board with anything but camber. I'm stubborn. The board has lots of pop, I normally don't ride park boards but more of all terrain boards so this board was a big change for me. I found myself wanting to ride in the park more with this board, probably some type subliminal thing since I knew the board under my boots was designed for it but whatever. It had me riding things and and trying things I normally don't so that's a positive in my book. 

The graphics on the board were something that really drew me to it. The top sheet has actual cassette tape tape under it, making each deck have a unique design. It's little things like this that make Signal's approach to graphics and design that make me smile. Something different and hand made, making it a personal experience rather than just another board coming out of the production line. Other companies need to listen up and take some notes, Signal is everything that is "right" with snowboarding these days. 

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