Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Breeze...

I have the pleasure of enjoying two weeks of paid time off a year. This week is my second of the year, so I'm doing my best to relax and enjoy the time off with my family and do some things I like to do. I took my girls to a few parks yesterday, today is a chill at home kinda day thus far...we may end up at another park later though. Tomorrow my wife and I are going to the Pirates game while my parents watch the girls. I'm hoping to get a few hours of skating in this week sometime too. I think on Friday we're hitting up Kennywood. I'm sure there will be some unexpected fun experiences that come up before my week off is over too. 

I've been letting my extreme dork side takeover as of late and I'm starting to get into Warhammer. I made my first of many army purchases a week ago, and I just finished assembling them. Next up is the painting process, we'll see how that goes. In other dorky news I've been catching up on a lot of TV that's been stacking up on the DVR...Nikita, Under the Dome, Once Upon a Time, Orphan Black, Continuum..all good stuff that'll hold me over until the Fall when all of the new shows start up. 

In the next few days I'll be posting a little interview I just did with Halldór Helgason. And then after that I'll be posting the one I did with his brother Eiki. Words cannot justify how happy I am to be in touch with these two genuine snowboarders. 

Now I'm off to prime some miniatures, dorkiness. 

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