Monday, September 16, 2013

Review - Nike Snowboarding Never Not Part 1

Jed Anderson - street carnage. wow. 

Nicolas Müller - a thing of beauty. his method is bar none. 

Justin Bennee, Johnnie Paxson, Sage Kotsenberg, Ethan Morgan - like woah. 

Jess Kimura, Spencer O'Brien, Laura Hadar, Annie Boulanger - some of women snowboarding's heaviest hitters, hitting it hard. 

Austin Smith - backcountry bobcat.  

Halldór Helgason - bonkers. rooftop ender says it all. 

Gigi Rüf - epic-ness ender of a part. Gigi never, ever lets down. 

Nike did it right by having an online premier that everyone could take part in. EVERY FILM needs to do this. Give everyone a window of time to watch the video at our own convenience. Simple, effective. The video lived up to the hype. Kudos. 

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