Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finally, jumping on the DWD bro-gram...

After way too long, I'll finally have the pleasure of riding a Dinosaurs Will Die board this season. Once it snows enough in the Pittsburgh area to go riding I'll be writing a full review of the board as well. What board you ask? 155 Maet. Werd. 

Also, I was lucky enough to win a Facebook contest put on by Travis Rice, Union Bindings, and Asymbol. I won a limited pair of Union/Asymbol bindings featuring artwork by the infamous Mike Parillo. I wish I could say I was going to ride the bindings and write a review of them but being that I've never won anything of this caliber and they're signed by both Parillo and Trice I think they're just going to be enjoyed on a shelf. I also received a limited print of the featured artwork signed by Parillo too. I'm actually quite giddy about this. Also, the label of the package made me grin. 

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