Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review: Airblaster AB/BC jacket and Sissy pant (and a bitchin' Granpa Cap too)

This year I again was privelidged enough to continue my little relationship with Airblaster. Being that when it does eventually get cold here in Southwestern Pennsylvania, I'm always wishing I went with a jacket that was insulated, I decided to go with the AB/BC (Airblaster/Brandon Cocard) jacket. 

It features 80g of insulation, which is more than enough for my needs. I can layer down and/or unzip the mesh lined pit vents when it's warmer out. The jacket has a tailored long fit which is something new for me. It took some time for me to get used to it surprisingly. When I sit down in my car or on the chair lift it felt a little strange at first, having the bottom portion of the jacket under my butt. No negative aspects to it though, it was just something I wasn't akin to. The longer length of the jacket, coupled with the removable powder skirt works in unison to keep any unwanted elements from making their way up and under the jacket. Brandon Cocard designed this jacket with 10k of waterproofing,10k of breathability, and fully taped seams. So unless you get caught in a monsoon I'm quite certain you're going to be staying dry. Last weekend I was riding for hours at Hidden Valley in the pouring rain and beneath my Airblaster gear I was as dry as the Tattoine desert. I love the Lycra wrist gators, don't know what I'd do without them now that I've been using them for two seasons. The double strength cuff closures use Velcro as well as snaps to stay where you put them, well played Airblaster...well played indeed. The last feature I'll compliment this fine piece of outerwear on is it's generous use of pockets. There's your run of the mill hand warmer pockets, an internal pocket with a media cord port, upper chest slash style pockets, and last but not least there's a handy dandy candy pocket on the lower right front of the jacket. Brandon and Airblaster did a fine job on the AB/BC jacket and I'm enjoying the fruits of their labor quite nicely. 

The pants I'm donning this season are the Nick Dirks designed Sissy pant. 

I'm really digging the night spruce color way I went with. It goes well with the jet black AB/BC jacket on top of them. The pants have a skinny fit to them which I'm growing fond of. They're not skin tight like a pair of leggings by any means. But rather a pair of your favorite jeans with the benefits you'd come to expect in a pair of snowboard pants. They feature 10k waterproofing, 10k breathability, and fully taped seams. As I said, hours riding in the rain and dry as a bone. They're constructed of a stretch twill fabric which seems to be extremely durable. Hidden mesh lined vents in the legs for when you're in need of letting off some steam. The waist features Velcro adjusters to dial in the fit if you choose not to wear a belt. The heels of the pant have rip stopper panels increasing the durability where it's needed most. Before I'm actually on the hill riding with boots on, whatever type of shoes I'm wearing on any given day seem to result in me stepping on about a half an inch of the heel of my pants. These rip stopper panels are a much needed commodity in a pair of snowboard pants for myself. In summary, the Sissy pant from Airblaster will be like your favorite pair of jeans, but in the form of a snowboard pant. 

Finally, I wanted to mention my Airblaster animal print Grandpa Cap. 

A full review isn't really necessary as it's just a put it on your head and that's that. I just really like it a lot. I've gotten more compliments on this hat than on any other hat I've ever worn. Some people like to ask me, "why would you buy a hat that looks like that?" Why? Because I like it, it's different, and it's awesome. 
They all jealous. 

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