Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

So, I've been applying to new jobs like crazy in an attempt to find something better for myself. Low and behold, something found me. Something I never thought I'd actually be doing, but I'm game for anything. Starting next week I'll be a sheet metal worker. It's a lot less of a commute (about 40 minutes closer), and after the first year it'll be better money than I'm currently making too. Also, I'll be working four 10 hour shifts rather than the five 8 hour shifts I'm currently working. But with the good comes the bad. It seems to be causing more stress in my home life (and I haven't even started the new job yet) so I'm really hoping in a week or two everything is ironed out and running smoothly. My wife's helping make this job possible for me so I have her to thank for a lot. 

Because of the pay cut I'll be taking for the first year at this new job it looks like any new snowboarding gear (and in turn, reviews) will be put on the back burner for sure. But it's only for a year so I'm fine with that. I'm excited to be starting something new, interesting, and better for me and my family. 

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