Sunday, August 10, 2014


Last weekend my family and I went out to see the Guardians of the Galaxy on opening weekend. I've been looking forward to this since I first read that James Gunn was directing it. It was everything I wanted it to be. It pleased me, as a huge comicbook fan, and it pleased me as a Marvel cinematic fan as well. Also, it pleased me as a skateboarder. I love when certain things, outside of skateboarding and snowboarding, show up in other parts of life and remind me of them. For example, in this movie the Jackson 5's song "I Want You Back" is featured near the end of the movie. And for all of you in the know (and if you don't shame on you) Guy Mariano skated to this song in the legendary Blind Video Days video. Just hearing this song brings a flood of memories and emotions to me because of the impact that skate video had on me growing up. 

So, hearing the song's opening piano keys during this movie put such a smile on my face, I honestly can't even describe how it made me feel really. I just love when two things that I really love a lot mesh together, and crossover. This movie is one of the best Marvel/comicbook movies I've ever seen and I think everyone owes it to themselves to go see it. Even if you're not a huge comicbook fan it's still a really good, fun movie that almost everyone can enjoy. Go see it. Also, stay until the credits are done rolling for a little surprise appearance from someone (if you're a Marvel movie fan you shouldn't need to be told to stay until after the credits). 

Friday, August 1, 2014

So, a few weeks under my belt at the new job...and I'm digging it. It's hard work, I come home sore and tired. But I'm coming home at what I feel is a reasonable time compared to what time I used to be coming home at my old job. So yeah, this is good. I see my wife more, I see my kids more. Definitely an improvement from where I was 3 weeks ago.