Friday, June 5, 2015

Good quality skateboards...

Is it too much to expect skate companies to release good quality, American made decks with actual silk screened graphics? There's only a handful of companies out there that are doing this; Hammers (from Jim Greco), JK Industries (Jeremy Klein's brand), Small Beating, Pocket Pistols, Surprise skateboards, and even Alex Olsen's Bianca Chandon even had his latest release silk screened. Growing up, this wasn't even a question I'd be asking myself. Every board on the wall at the skate shop was silk screened (besides the slick decks). I really want to support the companies ran by the skaters I grew up idolizing (*cough cough* GIRL...) but when I know they're taking the cheapest route possible to produce their decks I just can't get myself to dish out the cash and ride an inferior plank. Especially when there are other companies out there doing the right thing and releasing quality decks.